Kail Lowry seemingly takes aim at Briana DeJesus over Stella’s tantrum on latest Teen Mom 2 episode

Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2
Was Kail Lowry throwing shade at Briana DeJesus for her parenting after this week’s Teen Mom 2 episode? Pic credit: MTV

It looks as though Kail Lowry was throwing shade at her castmate and nemesis, Briana DeJesus, after this week’s Teen Mom 2 episode showed Briana struggling with how to parent Stella’s tantrums.

In this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Briana’s ex, Luis Hernandez, showed up to spend some time with their daughter, Stella.

When Stella didn’t want to hang out with her dad, she got upset and began crying, throwing things, and eventually hid under the dining table.

Briana reacted by punishing Stella and sending her to her room for her behavior. But after watching the episode and seeing her reaction, Briana regretted her actions.

She told her followers that her actions were “disgusting” and tweeted, “Jesus, after watching that clip. I’ll never again force her to do anything. Nor will I get upset bc she’s upset[.]”

Kail Lowry seemed to throw shade at Briana DeJesus’s parenting after the episode

While vacationing in the Dominican Republic with her four sons, Kail shared several pictures and videos to her Instagram stories that were aimed at children having tantrums and how to parent them.

One video that Kail shared from a parenting coach’s Instagram page had the caption, “Y’all need to start learning how to understand your [toddlers’] feelings and stop punishing when they don’t know how to communicate[.]”

Kail also shared several more slides from the Instagram page, High Impact Club, that mentioned ignoring a child when they’re whining, dealing with toddlers’ emotions, time out, and feeling disrespected by your children.

Teen Mom 2 fans reacted to Kail shading Briana

One Teen Mom gossip page, Teen Mom Shade Room, shared Kail’s posts on Instagram, and fans of the show reacted.

Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Fans of Teen Mom 2 spoke out about Kail seemingly throwing shade at Briana for her parenting Pic credit: @teenmomshaderoom_/Instagram

“Kail really needs to mind her own business,” one fan wrote on the post.

Another follower threw some shade at Kail regarding having four kids to three baby daddies and commented, “What about how your children feel when you can’t stay with one man….”

One person brought up Kail’s recent lawsuit against Briana and wrote, “If you’re suing someone shouldn’t you not try to subtly shade them on insta?!”

Briana DeJesus and Kail Lowry have been feuding for years

Kail and Briana have been embroiled in a heated feud since June 8 when Kail didn’t appear on that week’s Teen Mom 2 episode.

Briana accused Kail of being “inauthentic” and alleged that she broke and entered into her baby daddy Chris Lopez’s mom’s house. Kail denied the allegations telling her fans, “I have never in my entire life broken and entered into anyone’s home. Nor have I ever been charged with breaking & entering. Ever[.]”

Kail and Briana went back and forth on social media, taking jabs and making accusations before Kail took it to the next level and filed a lawsuit against Briana for defamation.

Despite Kail trying to get on good terms with Briana by congratulating her on her engagement earlier this year, it seems the Teen Mom 2 stars won’t be BFFs any time soon.

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