Kail Lowry says baby daddy Chris Lopez ‘chooses not to work’ amid medical bill feud

Kail Lowry and Chris Lopez of Teen Mom 2
Kail claimed that Chris “literally chooses not to work” amid their feud involving paying their kids’ medical bills. Pic credit: MTV and @ptsdthepodcast/Instagram

Amid their feud involving paying their kids’ medical bills, Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry is clapping back yet again, this time accusing Chris Lopez of “choosing not to work.”

Kail and Chris have never been good at co-parenting effectively without dragging drama into it.

Teen Mom 2 stars Kail Lowry and Chris Lopez battle over finances

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Kail first accused Chris of refusing to pay their son’s medical bill while he partied in Miami.

Kail made the matter public when she outed Chris with Cash App receipts that proved he “rejected too many previous requests.”

Chris responded via a cryptic tweet that read, “Sometimes when ppl can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you.”

Kail’s baby daddy then took to his podcast, P.T.S.D. – Pressure Talks with Single Dads to clap back again, this time with more fervor.

Chris accused Kail of “being too good” to use his Medicaid insurance to pay their son’s medical bill. Instead, she is making Chris pay it out of pocket.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, even more back-and-forth has transpired between the former couple.

Chris also said on his podcast earlier this week, “You can’t tell a story and only tell the part that makes the other person look bad. Tell everything.”

Kail’s third baby daddy also claimed that he only carries insurance for their son Lux because Kail “won’t allow me to get it for Creed. And I’ve offered. And you denied it, so you can’t get on this Internet and do all that when I’m offering to help you.”

Chris pleaded with Kail to keep their private matters off the internet, telling his listeners, “Stop doing this s**t for the Internet because these people don’t matter! You’re only hurting your son! You’re only hurting us!”

Kail Lowry accuses Chris Lopez of ‘choosing not to work’

Now, it’s been revealed that Kail did exactly the opposite of what Chris asked her to and took matters, once again, to one of her podcasts.

Kail told her Coffee Convos podcast listeners that Chris chooses not to work and explained why she refuses to accept Chris’ Medicaid coverage.

“He doesn’t make what I make, and that excuse isn’t valid to me because Jo [Rivera] doesn’t make what I make. Javi [Marroquin] doesn’t make what I make,” Kail revealed of her other two baby daddies.

She continued, “And let’s not forget about the fact that Chris has a bachelor’s degree. Javi and Jo do not have degrees.”

“And Chris chooses to not work at all,” Kail revealed. “He doesn’t carry a job at all, but the other two do. Not only do they have 50/50 custody, but Javi and I split finances down to 50/50 for [our son Lincoln’s] lunch money. And Javi doesn’t make what I make. But he doesn’t question it, doesn’t second guess it.”

Kail continued to publicize private matters about Chris’s life, telling her listeners, “[Chris] literally chooses not to work. Last I knew, he was living at home – he’s 27 years old – living at home with his mom, collecting EBT (which is food stamps) and state insurance.”

“By choice, because he’s choosing not to work. So, in my opinion, that’s not fair, and you don’t get to take that away from someone who actually needs it and is working and is trying to make ends meet,” Kail ranted.

Stay tuned because when Kail and Chris are involved, there is surely more drama to follow.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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