Justin accuses Nate of being fake and unfollows MAFS costars

Justin on Married at First Sight
MAFS star Justin appears to have bad blood with his MAFS costars. Pic credit: Lifetime

The Married at First Sight Season 15 reunion part one got off to an explosive start this week. 

The cast reunited to provide updates on their lives post-show, and costars Justin and Nate got into a heated exchange. 

Justin and Nate weren’t fond of one another as they hurled insults each other’s way. 

Their argument escalated to the point of Justin standing up and taking off his jacket, appearing ready for a physical fight. 

Kevin Frazier and the two’s costar Binh had to step in to calm the tension as Justin walked off the set. 

The arguing might not be over for the two, as trailers show Justin and Nate seemingly continuing to snap at each other in part two of the reunion. 

Justin accuses Nate of hitting on him and being fake 

At the start of the reunion, host Kevin Frazier sat with the entire cast to get the scoop on where they all stand with one another. 

Kevin asked if any of the cast had blocked the others on social media. 

Nate revealed that Justin had unfollowed him and almost all the other cast members. 

Justin explained why he unfollowed Nate, stating that he felt Nate was fake. Nate initially said he didn’t like getting into people’s business, only to get involved in Morgan and Binh’s marital issues later. 

Justin also claimed that Nate made a pass at him and hit on him by complimenting his skin and teeth two days in a row. 

Nate expressed that he was comfortable with his sexuality and suggested that Justin was a crybaby. 

Justin told Nate to take the base out of his voice, to which the pair went back and forth in a heated fight.

After Justin left the stage to cool off, he returned to the set, and the two men continued to go at each other as Justin outright declared that he disliked Nate. 

Justin explains why he unfollowed MAFS costars 

Justin gave his reasoning for why he unfollowed several of his costars. 

He shared that he unfollowed Krysten because he felt she acted one way around his ex-wife Alexis and then acted differently elsewhere. 

Justin unfollowed Morgan and Lindy because the three were supposed to go on a hike together, but Morgan and Lindy allegedly didn’t feel comfortable having Justin tag along. Justin claimed that rather than be upfront about how they felt, the two ladies went on the hike without him, which offended him. 

Finally, Justin shared that he unfollowed Stacia because he dislikes her husband, Nate.

What do you think of Justin’s behavior in part one of the Married at First Sight Season 15 reunion?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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