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Juliana’s modeling nightmare: 90 Day Fiance star was kidnapped, worked in a sweatshop, and more

Juliana on 90 Day Fiance
Juliana is a real model and her experience is shocking. Pic credit: TLC

As we get deeper into Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance, fans are starting to get to know the cast a bit better. It turns out that Juliana’s past is a mystery, but it may not be what TLC viewers initially thought.

After two unsuccessful attempts to get a visitor’s visa, Michael and Juliana decided to take a different approach and apply for her K-1 visa instead. It was a stressful meeting, where she was asked if she had been working as a prostitute. And given the fact that Michael met Juliana while partying on a yacht, many have been quick to think that she was.

However, Juliana’s modeling career is turning out to be more than what 90 Day Fiance viewers initially thought. And recently, an old post was dug up that shows that Juliana has been through a lot.

In a post made by The Model Manifest on Instagram last year, it was reported that Juliana started working in a sweatshop at the age of just eight years old. From there, things seemingly got worse before they got better.

“One of the most inspirational stories we have ever heard posted on the blog today,” the post began. “Brazilian model @julian.custodio worked in a sweatshop from the age of 8, was sent to model in China without speaking a word of English, was kidnapped by her agency to lose weight and despite working three jobs per day for a month, never received any of the money she earned.”

“Today she lives in Europe and works as a successful model supporting her entire family, has set up two businesses and is looking forward to becoming a Doctor,” The Model Manifesto continued. “Thank you for allowing us to tell your story to help countless others understand the dangers that modelling can involve and for showing the most important lessons in life are learned by living.”

Stories of models being kidnapped and held by their agents in an effort to force them to lose weight is not a new story. There are many other modeling nightmares shared on The Model Manifesto to prove that, while shocking, Juliana’s story isn’t really that rare. In fact, she can be considered a success story.

Juliana has since confirmed, that, with the exception of the businesses, everything else in the post is true.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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