Jordan Rodgers’ older brother names his firstborn after him and not his famous football-playing brother, Aaron

Jordan Rodgers
Jordan Rodgers’ nephew was named after him. Pic credit: ABC

JoJo Fletcher was heartbroken, to say the least, after Bachelor Ben Higgins told her he loved her but chose Lauren Bushnell as his winner during his season.

Thankfully, JoJo was chosen as the Season 12 Bachelorette and found the love of her life in her winner, Jordan Rodgers.

The two just got married and are currently on their honeymoon in Europe, which is why they missed the birth of Jordan’s nephew.

Jordan’s older brother, Luke Rodgers, and his wife, Aimee, just welcomed their first child to the world, and he is named after his uncle Jordan.

Why Luke and Aimee Rodgers decided to name their firstborn after his uncle Jordan Rodgers

Luke took to his Instagram to post photos of his firstborn child and a caption explaining why he and his wife chose to honor Jordan as a namesake.

He wrote, “Jack we choose your name because it means God is gracious. Your middle name is for @jrodgers11 and we can only pray you grow up to be as generous, kind, loyal, (and tan) and an amazing man of character as your uncle Jordan.”

Aimee, Jordan’s sister-in-law, reinforced how much respect they have for Jordan as she coupled her photos of her new baby with the following words: “Luke picked his name out 3 years ago, Jack means ‘God is gracious’ and Jordan after one of the best men we know @jrodgers11 – Jack is going to adore you Uncle Jordan.”

As they are half a world away on their honeymoon in Europe, it’s killing Jordan (and JoJo) not to be there to meet their new nephew.

Jordan and JoJo show their excitement about their new nephew being born

However, both of them commented on the posts and are proud uncles and aunts to baby Jack Jordan.

Jordan exclaimed, “My little dude JJ!!! Love him already and love you and Aimee so much! So happy for y’all and so freaking stoked to be an Uncle.”

JoJo added, “We are so in love with our little JJ already!! Couldn’t be happier for you two & can’t wait to SQUEEZE THE HECK OUTTA THAT LITTLE GUY!”

Jordan and JoJo react to their nephew being born.
Pic credit: @thelukerodgers/Instagram

The Rodgers family drama

As Bachelor Nation knows from JoJo’s hometown visit to Jordan’s town and family meet and greet, Jordan’s other brother, famous Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, doesn’t have much to do with the family.

While both Luke and Jordan revealed during the show that they miss him and pray he will come around and join back with the family, they haven’t had much of a relationship with their star football player brother in a while.

Aaron was a no-show at Jordan and JoJo’s wedding, and now it looks as if he’ll miss out on the joy and life of his very own nephew, Jack Jordan, who was not named after the other brother in the family, Aaron.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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