JoJo Siwa calls out internet trolls after So You Think You Can Dance insults

JoJo Siwa on So You Think You Can Dance
JoJo Siwa on So You Think You Can Dance. Pic credit: Fox

JoJo Siwa made history as part of the first same-sex couple competing on Dancing with the Stars.

While only a teenager, she grew up as a child dance star and is now taking that to new heights. Not only did she appear on DWTS, but she also has a traveling pop concert series and is now judging on another dance show – So You Think You Can Dance.

However, there are people who don’t want to see her on TV. Many of them share prejudiced views against her lifestyle, and others just don’t think she deserves this position.

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JoJo finally heard enough and responded when one online troll threw out insults about her judging So You Think You Can Dance.

Matthew Morrison removed from So You Think You Can Dance

The audition rounds of So You Think You Can Dance are underway, and Matthew Morrison from Glee and JoJo Siwa are two of the judges.

However, the news hit that one of the judges was not going to be around for the next rounds.

That judge turned out to be Matthew. Fox fired him for attempting to enter an “inappropriate relationship” with a contestant. Morrison, who is married, answered the complaints, which Fox said they investigated before firing him.

Matthew showed the message he wrote, where he asked for her phone number to talk about some things. He said he wanted her to help him get in contact with a choreographer so he could help her get a job she wanted.

However, she took it as something more, and Fox agreed and fired him.

This led to one Twitter troll leaving the following message and tagging JoJo Siwa to prove he was trolling her.

“Dammit. I saw the headline “Judge Leaves #sytycd” and got all excited. Yes! @itsjojosiwa was out! But, nope. It was Matthew Morrison. Dammit! I thought he brought the broadway perspective to the show. Maybe not an expert on dance, but on showmanship. Still won’t watch.”

JoJo Siwa responded with the comment, “literally why tweet this?”

JoJo Siwa Twitter 1
Pic credit: @itsjojosiwa/Twitter

JoJo Siwa lays out her qualifications for So You Think You Can Dance

JoJo didn’t stop there. After responding to the tweet, she laid out the reason that she should be judging the show.

She said she has 18 years of dance knowledge, was on four major dance TV shows, has hired over 1,000 dancers, and has made 16 dance videos.

“If you don’t like me that’s okay,” she wrote. “But if you think I don’t know about dance ya just sound silly.”

JoJo Siwa Twitter 2
Pic credit: @itsjojosiwa/Twitter

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series will return in late 2022 to its new home on Disney+ streaming.

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1 year ago

I don’t think JJ has enough qualifications as a judge, show is disappointing, there’s more judge out there that is more qualified, constructed criticism is okay to a point point but she isn’t representing enough maturity and professionalism, sorry my opinion