JoJo Fletcher meets her nephew for the first time, asks if he ‘wants a cousin’

JoJo Fletcher
JoJo Fletcher meets her nephew for the first time. Pic credit: @joelle_fletcher/Instagram

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers might give their newborn nephew a cousin soon, if JoJo has anything to do with it.

JoJo and Jordan tied the knot just over a month ago after being together for over six years. Jordan’s brother, Luke, and his wife had their firstborn child, a boy, while Jordan and JoJo were on their European honeymoon. The former Bachelorette and her winning man, returned from their honeymoon in Europe, and their first stop was to see their nephew.

As special as it was to meet their newborn nephew, it was even more touching that he was named after his Uncle Jordan.

JoJo Fletcher makes a comment about giving her nephew a cousin soon

While JoJo held her brand new nephew, Jack Jordan, she posted a photo of the two of them to her Instagram stories.

As JoJo sat on the couch, cradling the new little one, she could be heard asking him if he wanted a cousin, showing just how much she loves him and might possibly be feeling some baby fever herself.

JoJo also posted another photo to her IG stories of her husband, whom Jack Jordan was named after, holding the baby.

JoJo holds her nephew and asks if he wants a baby cousin.
Pic credit: @joelle_fletcher/Instagram

She captioned that photo by saying, “Jack Jordan you are such a blessing (red heart) Uncle Jordan & Auntie JoJo love you so so much!”

Jordan Rodgers holds his nephew who is named after him.
Pic credit: @joelle_fletcher/Instagram

It’s no secret Jordan and JoJo have talked about having kids

Back in April, Jordan told Us Weekly during an exclusive interview that he and JoJo had been talking about children already.

He also revealed that all of his groomsmen but one had had kids in this past calendar year, so the subject has been brought up numerous times lately between the duo.

Jordan also declared that he feels both he and JoJo aren’t saying they have to have a kid right this second, but at the same time, they won’t be waiting a long time to try for a little one.

During the interview, JoJo also added that they aren’t scared to be parents or have a child, but they also know it’s a huge responsibility and will change their lives for the good.

While Bachelor Nation fans will keep their fingers crossed for another Bachelor baby to join the team, for now, JoJo and Jordan have a new baby nephew to cuddle and spoil until they have one of their own.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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