John Legend explains what Ariana Grande brought to The Voice

John Legend and Ariana Grande on The Voice
John Legend and Ariana Grande on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

Ariana Grande joined The Voice in Season 21 and brought something very different to NBC’s singing competition.

At the age of 28, Ariana was the youngest member of the coaches’ panel by a large range.

With the age difference came new fans that might not have watched the show before. Despite this, Ariana ended up in the finals without any singers left, showing her fanbase wouldn’t vote for her singers.

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However, according to John Legend, Ariana brought something more to The Voice.

John Legend on what Ariana Grande brought to The Voice

Some people might not have considered the singers trying out for the show because of Ariana Grande.

In the past, it was all about country singers and those with a soul or R&B base. There were pop singers and some rock singers, but the talent that would do well was more aligned with Blake Shelton or Kelly Clarkson’s style of music.

With Ariana Grande as a younger pop star, that gave a lot of younger singers a chance to show their stuff, and it carried over to all the teams.

“I think Ariana being our new coach, it might have attracted some good talent to the show, and it’s pretty evenly distributed throughout the teams,” John Legend said.

“It’s fun to have somebody new because you get to see the show through their eyes because you’ve been there for a while,” John said.

“When you see their excitement and their passion, it kind of makes you feel like, ‘Yeah, I’m pretty lucky to have this job, it’s pretty cool.'”

Ariana lost her first season on The Voice, but changed things

While Ariana Grande lost her first season on The Voice, she made some changes.

There was not a single country singer in the finals, and the winners were a trio – Girl Named Tom. While three of the other finalists were singers more soul-based, there was also 14-year-old Hailey Mia, someone who started with Ariana before Kelly Clarkson stole her.

The entire season seemed to affect Ariana as well.

She wrote an Instagram post, showing her gratitude for the season on The Voice.

“Thank you for enriching my life in ways I can’t even attempt to articulate,” Ariana wrote. “Your presence and this whole experience has brought so much joy and fulfillment creatively and personally.”

The Voice is on hiatus, and the next season of the singing competition should return to NBC in late 2022.

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