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John Hersey accuses Blake Moynes of capitalizing on failed engagement with Katie Thurston  

Blake Moynes
John Hersey questions Blake Moyne’s motives after breakup with Katie Thurston. Pic credit: ABC

John Hersey aired out his frustrations with Blake Moynes recently. 

John and Katie have sparked lots of interest and conversation since becoming a couple, and while some love them, others have been skeptical about their relationship timeline and whether or not they fell in love behind Blake’s back. 

In a recent interview, John and Katie spoke about Katie and Blake’s breakup, with John appearing to feel that Katie took too much blame for the split thanks to Blake’s handling of the situation.

John Hersey ‘p****d off’ by the narrative seemingly created by Blake Moynes 

John Hersey and Katie Thurston spoke on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off The Vine podcast, where they didn’t hold back on their feelings about the drama surrounding their relationship. 

During one segment, host Kaitlyn referenced Blake saying, “Blake got to go on whatever podcast and be like ‘well maybe there was some emotional cheating.’ He got to have this voice where you didn’t get that voice. So I’m like, ‘have your voice, woman.’”

Katie reiterated that there was no overlap between her relationship with John and Blake, and John interjected to share what ticked him off about the whole situation. 

John stated, “You know what I couldn’t say though, I’m sorry, was that interview with Blake, I witnessed their whole relationship. I mean as much as I could of as her friend, like as her best friend. And I watched how much effort she put into that relationship while it was falling apart. And what really p****d me off about that, like listening to that podcast, was when there started [to] be a narrative get painted that she was putting no effort in and Blake was the only one putting effort in the end.” 

John continued, “And furthermore that in that time where she was absent that she was somehow emotionally cheating with me. And I’m sitting back, and I tried not to say anything for a while, but when that narrative came to be, I was like, I can’t stay silent about this because I watched her like suffer at the end of that relationship as her friend before there was anything between us. And if just p****d me off.”

John Hersey says Blake Moynes capitalized on breakup with Katie Thurston 

Katie and John recalled hanging out with Blake back when Katie was still engaged to him,

John shared, “I met Blake, and we hung out with Blake for, I mean, a solid what 12-8 hours.”

Katie confirmed, saying, “Yeah, I introduced Blake to the people in my life, including John and Stephen, who were a huge part of my life, especially during this whole Bachelorette journey.”

John expressed, “And I did not have a negative opinion of Blake at all. We had fun together. We did an escape room, and we hung out all day. But that’s why when that happened, I was disappointed at first, and then I realized, I was like, ‘this is him capitalizing on this opportunity,’ which I understand. I get how it works, like seeing this world now for [the] past almost a year. But yeah, just, when it was at the expense of my friend, I was just, I couldn’t. It was frustrating.”

Time will tell if Blake chooses to respond to John’s suggestion that he allegedly capitalized on an opportunity at Katie’s expense. 

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11 at 8/7c on ABC. 

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