Joe Millionaire sends home a contestant for being there for the wrong reasons

Sara Rose from Joe Millionaire
Sara Rose from Joe Millionaire. Pic credit: Fox

Joe Millionaire is back with a new season, years after the show took the world by storm.

There is a huge difference this time around.

On Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer, the women are not tricked into thinking the man they are vying for is a millionaire, only to be told at the end he is not.

Instead, there are two men looking for love and the women know one is a millionaire and the other is not. They just don’t know which is which.

This means that they need to figure out which man they feel they could find love with, regardless of his wealth.

One of the women was just sent home because she was not there for the right reasons.

Sara Rose was gaming Joe Millionaire

It seems some of the women on the show don’t realize that there are always cameras listening.

In some cases, host and butler Martin is also standing close and hears what they are saying.

Martin the Butler was standing on a balcony when contestant Sara Rose made a shocking statement.

One contestant asked Sara who she liked best – Kurt or Steven.

She then shockingly answered that she didn’t really care for either of them. Instead, she had her eyes on a member of the production team.

“What’s his name? Winston. He’s so cute,” Sara said, looking at the production team member.

She then made a shocking confession.

Sara was on a group date with Kurt and Steven and she asked Kurt to be upfront about if he was into her. Kurt said he wanted her to stay and they would see where it went.

Sara told the woman, “I literally want to just, like, make him fall in love or whatever and just, like, shut him down so quick and, like, laugh about it. I don’t care who gets hurt. I don’t care.”

“If I get eliminated, the first thing I want to do is get his number.”

Joe Millionaire kicks off Sara Rose

Martin the Butler immediately went to tell Kurt and Steven what Sara Rose said and the decision was almost immediate.

“I am highly annoyed because I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt,” Kurt said. ” But we’re just so far apart on the emotional maturity.”

Steven then said that Sara ruined the experience for others.

“You know, if you weren’t into us, we could have had someone else stay here that was here to fall in love,” he said. “And so that is the biggest feeling, of, like, it was a waste of time to, you know, try to spend time with you if you were never into us in the first place.”

Kurt was blunt about his feelings about Sara Rose.

“I’m frustrated that Sara even came here,” he said. “It just reaffirms to me that she’s here for clout. She’s here to push her Instagram and not here to find love.”

Joe Millionaire airs on Thursday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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