Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt played matchmaker for Anna Redman and Chris Bukowski

Chris Bukowski
Bachelor Nation’s Chris Bukowski found love with Anna Redman. Pic credit: @chrisjbukowski/Instagram

Anna Redman and Chris Bukowski are one of the newest Bachelor Nation couples, and it appears fans of the pair have Joe Amabile and Serene Pitt to thank.

Bachelor in Paradise’s Anna Redman revealed that her costars were instrumental in bringing her together with her new boyfriend.

Anna also opened up about how her relationship is going now that the two are public, what’s next for the couple, and what her friends think of her partner.

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Anna Redman and Chris Bukowski were set up by Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt

Anna, who was initially designated a villain on The Bachelor, has finally found love after two failed Bachelor Nation experiences. Despite not making a lasting connection on the beach in Paradise, it turns out the season wasn’t a complete waste.

Her Bachelor in Paradise castmates, Serena and Joe, played matchmaker for Anna and Chris. In an Instagram Q&A, Anna posted a photo of the group on what seemed to be a double date as she praised the couple for bringing her and Chris together.

Anna Redman Instagram
Pic credit: @anna_redman/Instagram

The reality TV star also doubled down on her feelings for Chris in another Instagram story where she called herself “a smitten kitten” and gushed about her new boyfriend.

“This man is the kindest, most thoughtful, best, cutest, loveliest, [literally insert every good thing] person I’ve ever met,” Anna captioned a photo of Chris gazing into her face as she smiled back at him.

Anna Redman Instagram
Pic credit: @anna_redman/Instagram

Anna Redman reveals more about her new relationship with Chris Bukowski

Even better for the pair is the fact that Serena and Joe aren’t the only two Bachelor Nation alums who approve of the match. After a fan asked for an update on Chelsea Vaughn’s love life, Anna posted a snap of Chelsea and Chris with their arms wrapped around one another.

“Wait I like you a lot,” the caption read, seeming to refer to Chelsea’s opinion about Chris.

Anna Redman Instagram
Pic credit: @anna_redman/Instagram

Despite just recently going public with their relationship, the two aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Anna reassured her fans that plenty of content will be coming soon as the two are planning a “glamping” trip in Colorado next weekend.

Anna appeared to be lounging by the pool as she hopped on her Instagram story to update fans. The star has been busy as she reunited with several other Bachelor alums in LA this week.

Anna Redman Instagram
Pic credit: @anna_redman/Instagram

Fans will have to wait and see if this newest couple can go the distance, but it seems everything is smooth sailing for Anna and Chris so far.  

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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