Jimmie Allen gets emotional when American Idol’s Mike Parker sings his song

Jimmie Allen and Mike Parker on American Idol
Jimmie Allen and Mike Parker on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

Jimmie Allen was one of two mentors on American Idol this past weekend.

While Bebe Rexha was the mentor on Monday night, it was Jimmie on Sunday, and he experienced something that made him very emotional.

Jimmie met and mentored Mike Parker and learned quickly that the two had a lot in common.

Jimmie Allen bonds with Mike Parker

When Jimmie Allen learned Mike Parker was singing his own song, Best Shot, he played a prank on the American Idol contestant.

Jimmie called Mike on facetime and said he heard he was singing his song. Jimmie then said he needed to call Mike back and hung up.

That is when Jimmie ran around the corner and surprised Mike, telling him he was the special mentor.

That is when Mike said something that made Jimmie start to cry.

Mike said that he was singing Jimmie’s song because he looked up to Jimmie, who “made me feel like there is a spot for me in country music.”

This really touched Jimmie, who had a similar person who convinced him that he could be a successful Black country music star. For Jimmie, it was Charley Pride.

“My mom used to always tell me, ‘You’re not just doing this for you,’ ” Jimmie said. “Hearing you tell me that I’m an inspiration reminds me of my purpose.”

He then said that he felt Mike could make it huge and join him, Charley Pride, and Darius Rucker in changing country music into what it could become.

“For him to tell me that I mean to him what Charley Pride meant to me it’s more than I could have asked for.” Jimmie said, “So thank you and thank you for continuing what me, Charley, Mickey, Kane, and Darius want to see in this genre of music.”

Mike Parker impresses Jimmie Allen with his own song

Mike Parker delivered a soulful rendition of Best Shot.

When he finished, Luke Bryan said that Mike’s performance was “flawless” and a “great moment” to watch.

Luke also said that he was glad that the viewers were voting because he was able to just enjoy the performance.

“Thank you for making me not have to judge. I got to sit back and really watch what we’ve kind of been telling you start coming all together,” Luke said. “I could just enjoy the birth of you as an artist.”

“This experience has helped you arrive,” Katy Perry said. “It was all the things that we’ve been saying this whole season – all those ingredients – they were found in that song.”

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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