Jill Chin clarifies her ‘ugly’ remark towards Peter Izzo 

Jill Chin
Jill Chin and Peter Izzo clashed on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: @jillchin_/Instagram

Peter Izzo had a dramatic exit after his brief time on Bachelor in Paradise.

He rubbed several castmates the wrong way, including Jill Chin. 

Jill was one of the most vocal BIP stars when it came time to confront Peter over his accusations about Brittany Galvin being a clout-chaser. 

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Jill, and later a few men on the island, demanded Peter leave the show since no woman would give him a rose at the rose ceremony after the prideful and off-putting way he behaved. 

When Peter did finally decide to leave the island, Jill can be heard telling him, “Ciao ugly.” 

After making the disparaging comment, Jill explained where she was coming from with the remark.

Jill Chin claims she wasn’t dissing Peter Izzo’s appearance

Jill Chin took to Twitter to clarify her “Ciao, ugly” comment. 

The Bachelor in Paradise star tweeted, “Me saying ‘Caio ugly’ was not about his looks, it was about his attitude. And he also called me disgusting which they edited out so….” 

Jill Chin's tweet
Pic credit: @_jillchin/Twitter

Brittany Galvin also gave Peter a piece of her mind on Bachelor in Paradise. 

When Casey informed Brittany of the rude comments Peter was making about her, she sat down and spoke with him. 

Peter was defensive in their conversation and even called Brittany a waste of his time. This led her to point out the contrasting way men act when they don’t get what they want. 

Peter didn’t leave the island when Jill, Brittany, and Genevieve confronted him, but he claimed to make his own decision to self-eliminate, when speaking with men on the island. 

Before his exit, Peter yelled out a promotion for his pizza business. 

Who else went home this week on Bachelor in Paradise?

This week featured the second rose ceremony of the season, with the women having the power to hand out roses. 

After Peter “self-eliminated” and Casey Woods fainted and left the island in an ambulance, two more men were sent home during the rose ceremony. 

James Bonsall, who arrived on the island with his Bachelor Nation best friend Aaron Clancy, was sent home after being unable to secure a rose from Shanae Ankney. 

Shanae had been torn between James and Logan but ultimately chose to give her rose to Logan. 

Justin Glaze was the second man to go home during the rose ceremony. At the start of the season, he had a connection with Genevieve Parisi, but that quickly fell through when Genevieve chose to focus on a relationship with Aaron. 

Justin had previously connected with The Bachelor Season 26 star Salley Carson at Stagecoach, but Salley didn’t stay in paradise long enough for him to explore their connection further. 

Time will tell who goes home next as Bachelor in Paradise continues. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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