Jill Chin and Jacob Rapini have broken up again — Hear Jill’s side of the story

Jacob Rapini and Jill Chin
Hear what Jill Chin had to say about her second breakup with Jacob post-Paradise. Pic credit: @jacobrapini/Instagram

Jacob Rapini may have swept Jill Chin off her feet at the Season 8 reunion, but their story didn’t quite have the fairytale ending they were hoping for.

Although Jacob memorably broke things off in the middle of Bachelor in Paradise this past season, the two made headlines as they announced their rekindled flame during the reunion episode last week.

Jacob “hard launched” their second “go” at a relationship, and once Jill agreed to be his girlfriend yet again, he picked her up and carried her off the stage — a moment that even made it into our Top 10 list from the episode.

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Although Bachelor Nation may have gotten its hopes up, Jill has confirmed the two have officially split for the second time.

She recently appeared on the Click Bait podcast to update her fans on the situation, immediately referring to the breakup as a “failure to launch.”

Jill said that she had no other choice when it came to ending the relationship and hinted that certain “lines were crossed” and standards were not met. However, she has no ill will toward Jacob.

Jill Chin explains her breakup with Jacob Rapini after Bachelor in Paradise

Jill said her and Jacob started talking around three weeks before the reunion aired. Right before filming, she said the two decided they “probably” wanted to give things another shot, and then Jacob made his grand gesture at the reunion.

Jill also made sure to note that she never wanted to publicly announce the relationship.

The two were long distance during their time together, and Jill said there was a lack of trust and communication that ultimately couldn’t be worked out.

Jill Dishes on Her Recent Split from Jacob

While Jill seemed to put the blame on Jacob for the demise of the relationship, she did admit that she was hoping the end result would have been different.

In a recent Instagram Story, she informed followers of the breakup by sharing a photo of them that was taken at the reunion as well as a link to an article about their split.

“Not the update I was hoping to give :/,” she wrote.

Jill Chin's story
Pic credit: @jillchin_/Instagram

Jill throws slight shade at Jacob and wishes him well

Although Jill wished Jacob nothing but the best, she also implied that he needs to “try harder” with his future relationships.

“I think that in the future he could be a good partner to somebody if he puts in some work. Hopefully he will do so and someone will be right for him,” she said.

Jill also joked that Jacob “fumbled the bag,” meaning he messed up his chance at being with someone like her.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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