Jesse Palmer has ‘PTSD at every rose ceremony’ after his past blunder as the Bachelor

Jesse Palmer holds a rose
Jesse Palmer is still haunted by his past mistake as Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Before Jesse Palmer was the host of The Bachelor, he was a Bachelor himself, and one particular moment from his time on the show still gives him “PTSD.”

Recently, Season 26 star Clayton Echard did something rather unprecedented when he took his rose back from Cassidy Timbrooks. This led to Jesse commenting on his own unprecedented moment on The Bachelor. 

Jesse Palmer gets teased by Robert Mills 

Before making his decision to send Cassidy Timbrooks home, Clayton turned to Jesse to see if anyone had retracted a rose before. 

ABC’s Vice President of Unscripted and Alternative Entertainment, Robert Mills, highlighted this moment between Clayton and Jesse and poked fun at Jesse’s past blunder. 

Taking to Twitter, Mills tweeted, “Clayton: ‘Has anyone ever taken a rose back?’ Jesse: ‘No, but someone has called the wrong name in a rose ceremony.'” 

Jesse Palmer commented on Mills’ tweet writing, “PTSD at EVERY. ROSE. CEREMONY.”

Robert Mills tweet
Pic credit: @Millsy1734/Twitter

Jesse Palmer called the wrong name during a rose ceremony 

Jesse Palmer starred on The Bachelor Season 5 in 2004. For fans who may need a refresher on why Jesse joked about getting PTSD during Clayton’s rose ceremonies, it all dates back to the fateful rose ceremony where Jesse accidentally gave a rose to the wrong woman. 

During the rose ceremony, Jesse called out the name Katie, and a woman in a blue gown let out a sigh of relief as she walked up to accept her rose. 

It quickly became clear that Jesse had called the wrong name, and he confirmed it when he asked to speak with former host Chris Harrison alone during the ceremony. 

As Chris and Jesse spoke outside, Jesse frantically informed Chris that he meant to hand the rose to a contestant named Karen, but he accidentally called Katie instead.

Flustered, Jesse told Chris, “I forgot her name. That wasn’t the girl I wanted to give it to. I wanted to give it to Karen. I said, Katie. I froze and forgot. I said, Katie. We have to do that again. Somehow we have to do that again.”

Jesse did, in fact, return to the ceremony and give a rose to the right woman, Karen, while inviting Katie to keep her rose and stay, which she surprisingly agreed to do. 

Now that Jesse plays a different role in rose ceremonies as a host, it seems he still might flashback to his iconic blunder every time Clayton passes out a rose. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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