Jersey Shore fans want Angelina Pivarnick to stop using ‘crazy filters’ following latest Kim K lookalike pic

Angelina Pivarnick of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.
Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick looks just like Kim Kardashian. Pic credit: @angelinamtv/Instagram

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Angelina Pivarnick has completely transformed her appearance in the last few years.

She hasn’t been shy about the cosmetic procedures she’s had done, including a bandaid butt-lift, breast augmentation, and most recently, a nose job.

Not only has Angelina changed her entire look, but she’s even started to closely resemble Kim Kardashian.

Fans will recall that Angelina often refers to herself as “the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island,” and now more than ever, her followers think she could easily be mistaken for the celebrity.

Angelina’s most recent photo caused several of her followers to do a double-take. They couldn’t believe how different she looked.

While many people praised Angelina for her beauty, some critics thought the lookalike photo was filtered, and they couldn’t understand why she didn’t want to look like herself.

Jersey Shore critics react to Angelina Pivarnick looking like Kim Kardashian

Angelina shared a photo of herself sitting in a booth with an oversized black and white Louis Vuitton bag and a colorful beverage in front of her.

She had her hair styled in a middle part with long wavy jet-black locks.

Several fans took to the comment section to praise how beautiful she looked. For others, the picture appeared to rub them the wrong way.

While they definitely thought she looked like Kim Kardashian, it seems some people thought she took it a bit too far and that the filters were a bit much.

One critic commented, “Quit with the crazy filters. You are pretty on your own.”

Critics think Angelina should use less filters.
Critics think Angelina should use fewer filters. Pic credit: @angelinamtv/Instagram

Another person asked if her Kim Kardashian imitation was intentional and wondered where her own identity was.

Critics think Angelina should use fewer filters. Pic credit: @angelinamtv/Instagram

A separate follower was in disbelief that Angelina had actually “turned [herself] into [her] nickname that never matched.”

Critics think Angelina should use fewer filters. Pic credit: @angelinamtv/Instagram

Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick continues to shade Chris Larangeira

In addition to transforming her look, Angelina has been throwing some shade at her estranged husband, Chris Larangeira.

In her recent Kim Kardashian lookalike photo, her hashtags appeared to be a direct snub at Chris.

She wrote, “#moretothestory, #trusttheprocess, #noonecaresaboutYourpitypartyC, #alotmoretocome.”

Until recently, Angelina has remained relatively quiet about their divorce, but she did speak out following a recent episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation and said that Chris had “no proof” of any of the allegations he’s made against her.

Most notably is when he confirmed to Jenni “JWOWW” Farley that Angelina was the one who leaked the infamous wedding speech audio, causing another rift between Angelina and her costars.

Recent episodes of this season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation have shown Angelina and Chris as they attempt to work through the issues in their marriage, and Angelina admitted that it’s been “very emotional” watching it back.

Fans should stay tuned as the drama between the two of them continues to drag on.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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Debbie Henson Williams
Debbie Henson Williams
2 years ago

I hope this is the last season for Angelina to be on. She is pure trash and does zero for the show. Nicole too. All she cares about is getting drunk. Maybe it’s time to grow up and set a better example for your children. The rest of the cast at least act like adults. They can have fun and do interesting things without being trashy and immature. If either of them, Angelina and Nicole, are on the next season, I know a lot of people that won’t be watching.