Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Did Jenn Harley throw shade at Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s fiance, Saffire Matos?

Jenn Harley posing in front of the Eifel Tower with her boyfriend Joe Ambrasole
Jenn Harley poses with her boyfriend Joe Ambrosole on their European birthday vacation in Paris. Pic credit: @Jennharley/Instagram.

Jenn Harley, an ex-girlfriend of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’s Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, appears to have shaded his fiance Saffire Matos on Instagram. As if Ronnie and Jenn didn’t have a toxic enough relationship when they were together, apparently their breakups are just as volatile and passive-aggressive.

On October 6, Jenn posted to her Instagram Stories, writing, “Have u noticed that people who date our exes think we hate them … relax, we don’t even care. It’s your turn to suffer.” Well, passive-aggressive or not, it’s pretty obvious who she’s talking about.

Saffire posted an Instagram clip of her and Ronnie in Italy

Earlier that day Saffire posted a short video to Instagram in which she was holding a rose and jumping into Ronnie’s arms in front of a merry-go-round in Florence, Italy while the pair are on a surprise birthday trip.

To accompany the clip, she wrote the caption, “I can’t believe you had this trip planned for four months and I had no idea. Thank you for the birthday surprise. Grazie Amore Mio I love you my cozy bear.”

After what can only be described as a toxic and turbulent relationship, Ronnie and Jenn split for good in 2019, amid multiple domestic violence incidents. While it would be easy to assume the drama was simply between the two of them, Ronnie and Jenn have both been involved in scuffles with the law with their current significant others as well.

Ronnie and Saffire were involved in a domestic violence incident

In April of this year, Ronnie was arrested for alleged domestic violence and went to jail before posting $100,000 bail. It was revealed just a couple of days later that Saffire was the one who called the cops on Ron.

Jenn Harley Instagram story
Jenn Harley posted an Instagram story in what many consider to be a swipe at Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s fiance Saffire Matos. Pic credit: @jennharley/Instagram.

A rep for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office announced he would not be charged for the incident, but could still face jail time for violating his probation for another domestic violence incident in 2019.

The said incident was the one where Ronnie chased Jenn around an Airbnb with a knife while he held his daughter in his other arm.

Jenn and her boyfriend Joe have also been involved in legal drama

As for his ex Jenn Harley, she was arrested in June and charged with domestic battery and assault with a deadly weapon due to an argument at Crazy Horse 3 in Las Vegas with rumored fiance Joe Ambrosole.

This all took place on the same day Ronnie proposed to Saffire. What a twisted web Ronnie and Jenn have weaved, it’s hard to keep up.

Interestingly, while Saffire and Ronnie have been on vacation in Florence, Italy for her birthday, Jenn and her man Joe are on vacation in various European locations at the moment for his birthday, including Rome, and Paris. Perhaps a little tit for tat?

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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