Jenn Tran says filming The Bachelorette was ‘the best 2 months of my life’

Jenn Tran's The Bachelorette promo
Jenn Tran had the time of her life on The Bachelorette. Pic credit: Disney/Ramona Rosales

Jenn Tran is ready to show us what her The Bachelorette journey looks like.

It’s season premiere day, and tonight, we’ll meet 25 men who are hoping to hit it off with Jenn and make it to the final rose.

Due to Reality Steve’s nearly-perfect spoiler record, we already know who gets that final rose.

And thanks to a slip up during Jenn’s visit to the Call Her Daddy podcast, we also know another huge finale spoiler.

But that hasn’t taken from the excitement of premiere night as we gear up for a summer of romance as Jenn looks for love.

And we already know we’re in for a really good time because Jenn can’t stop gushing about her time filming the ABC hit.

Jenn Tran gushes about how much fun she had filming The Bachelorette

Ahead of The Bachelorette Season 21 premiere night, Jenn Tran made it clear that she will be watching along with us.

That will make this season even more fun for everyone because when the cast watches with us, they tend to share reactions to things they didn’t see happening during filming.

But that’s likely not why Jenn is tuning in.

“Are you kidding me? I’m not going to watch the best two months of my life? Of course, I am!” Jenn told PEOPLE about her viewing plans.

“I am so excited for it to premiere. I feel like it’s so weird that this crazy journey happened, and I am just so excited to be able to watch it back.”

Jenn blames racism for Bachelor Nation’s response to her casting

Despite her excitement, Jenn also opened up about Bachelor Nation’s reaction to her being cast as the first Asian American Bachelorette star.

It was a huge move for ABC to put Jenn in the top spot and one that came after two others — Daisy Kent and Maria Georgas, turned the role down.

“I won’t say that it’s all been positive because racism still exists,” Jenn explained. “I have gotten a lot of hate messages, but along with that, I’ve also gotten so many people who have been so grateful to see somebody like me on their screen.”

That hasn’t stopped Jenn from embracing the role as she knows how much it means to make history in the franchise.

She continued, “I feel so grateful and honored that I get to do that for people because growing up, I never had that. I am becoming the role model that I’ve always wanted to see as a little girl.”

Jenn admitted that the response she received was “tough.”

She said, “I was announced, and then, I had immediately left for filming. I didn’t have my phone throughout that whole time, so I had no idea what the world was saying until I came back from this amazing experience. I was so excited and so hopeful, and then, I go online and I read a bajillion people’s opinions on everything. That was really disappointing.”

Perhaps it’s for the best that she didn’t know about the mixed reaction to her casting before heading off to film. This way, The Bachelorette viewers get to see her enjoy the experience without the pressure of public opinion — which was arguably pretty awful at times.

The Bachelorette Season 21 premieres on Monday, July 8 at 8/7c on ABC.

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