Jen Shah shares RHOSLC fan messages blasting ‘fake’ Meredith Marks for hiring a private investigator

Jen Shah from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City proves fans have her back against Meredith Marks.
Jen and Meredith’s feud keeps heating up as RHOSLC focuses on Jen’s arrest. Pic credit: Bravo

Jen Shah has shared some The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fan messages blasting Meredith Marks for hiring a private investigator.

Ever since Jen’s arrest played out on RHOSLC, her costars have had a lot to say about it. Lisa Barlow accused Jen of leading a double life. Meredith claimed there were many red flags regarding Jen’s business too.

On the most recent episode, the ladies were once again focused on Jen’s legal woes. The group is divided with Heather Gay, and newbie Jennie Nguyen were standing by Jen. Mary Cosby, Lisa, and Meredith don’t feel Jen deserves their compassion.

Jen has maintained her innocence from day one, even as it takes a toll on her family.

Why did The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Meredith Marks hire a private investigator?

There is no love lost between Jen and Meredith, that’s for sure. Meredith bluntly stated on camera that she has no intention of showing up for Jen amid her legal trouble.

That’s not the only bombshell Meredith dropped. She also revealed she hired a private investigator because her son Brooks was being threatened via text messages. Meredith was convinced Jen was behind the threats because Jen liked and tweeted offensive things about Meredith’s family.

The news Meredith hired a private investigator comes after she accused Jen’s friend of stealing from her store while Jen was shopping there. Jen and her friend have slammed the allegations.

Jen Shah shares RHOSLC fan messages blasting ‘fake’ Meredith Marks

As Meredith continues to shade Jen on and off the show, Jen continues to defend herself. This time around, Jen shared The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fan messages blasting fake Meredith.

One Instagram Story Jen posted called out Meredith for hiring a private investigator instead of talking to Jen.

“It’s funny that [Meredith] wants to go directly to Mary about the rumours her cousin is speeding around but when it [comes] to @therealjenshah she hires an investigator hmmm!! Fakeness at its best!” the fan wrote.

Fans calls Meredith fake.
Pic credit: @therealjenshah/Instagram

Another RHOSLC fan didn’t hold back, putting Meredith on blast and standing up for Jen.

“I call bulls**t Meredith!! You tell Andy on WWHL that u feel bad about seeing @theraljenshah kids being pulled out during the raid, but earlier u accused her of being a thief, u judge her and basically sentenced her b4 hearing her side!! Just as compassionate that @therealjenshah was towards your son with her apology…Keep that same energy with her sons!!! Also, your White Privilege slip is showing!!!!” the message read via Jen’s Instagram Story.

RHOSLC fans blast Meredith.
Pic credit: @therealjenshah/Instagram

Monsters & Critics previously reported that Bravo viewers were also upset at the network for airing the footage of Jen’s son walking out of the house with his hands up. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City put the network on blast for the choice too.

Jen Shah wants people to know that RHOSLC fans are blasting Meredith Marks over hiring a private investigator. Meredith has also been put on notice for being fake.

Are you Team Jen or Team Meredith?

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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