Jen Saviano from Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor is pregnant

Jen Saviano
Jen Saviano, Bachelor Nation alum, is pregnant with her first baby. Pic credit: @jensav11/Instagram

Bachelor Nation alum, Jen Saviano, just announced that she is pregnant with her first baby. Jen, age 32, and her boyfriend, Landon Ricker, seemed extremely excited as they shared their news.

How did Jen share her pregnancy news?

Jen took to her Instagram page to post the surprise to Bachelor Nation and her other followers.

She wrote: “surpriseee! we can’t wait to meet you, little B.” Viewers have been speculating on whether the B stands for something. Is it B for Baby, B for Boy, or have Jen and Landon decided on a name that starts with the letter B?

Along with the caption of the post, Jen also posted a short video that has documented her pregnancy thus far.

What did Jen reveal in her video announcement?

Jen can be seen at the beach in a cheetah print high-waisted two-piece swimsuit, as she showcased her adorable baby bump.

Then the video moved to Jen at the doctor’s office as she got her sonogram. She even put the baby’s video from the actual sonogram on it, so fans could see “Baby B” as he squirmed and moved around.

The last few shots displayed Jen and Landon at the beach, as they celebrated this milestone of having their first child together. In the first one, Landon could be seen with his hands on Jen’s stomach, as he looked at her in awe, fondness, and love.

In the next one, Landon and Jen kissed while the ocean water moved toward them. Finally, in the last shot, viewers saw Landon as he picked up Jen and carried her out of the camera.

Comments from Bachelor Nation alum, such as Lauren (Bushnell) Lane (who was on Ben’s season of The Bachelor with Jen and just recently had a baby) and Ashley Iaconetti (who is about to give birth herself), and so many others, are evident on Jen’s Instagram.

Comments from Jen Saviano’s pregnancy announcement on Instagram. Pic credit: @jensav11/Instagram

Jen was first known from her stint on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor. After being eliminated from Ben’s season, Jen then went on Seasons 3 & 6 of Bachelor in Paradise, where she clicked with Nick Viall the first go around. However, they left the island after Nick did not propose to Jen.

Another baby in Bachelor Nation—how exciting! All of these Bachelor babies are going to grow up in the spotlight, just like their parents now. Hopefully, they’re ready for that!…Good luck to Jen and Landon on their pregnancy with Baby B!

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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