Jed Wyatt claims The Bachelorette producers forced him to confront Hannah Brown on camera

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Jed Wyatt opens up about the challenges he faced both during and after The Bachelorette.

Jed Wyatt was deemed a villain after his appearance on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. 

Hannah chose to get engaged to Jed at the end of her season, however, the two quickly broke up after it was suggested that Jed allegedly had a girlfriend during his engagement to Hannah. 

With a tarnished reputation, Jed has now spoken out about his experience and outlook on The Bachelorette and the serious toll it took on him and his mental health. 

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Jed Wyatt says he doesn’t owe anything to anyone 

Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown had a tense meet-up and split during The Bachelorette Season 15 finale and Jed was not happy about the way it all played out. 

Speaking on an episode of the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, Jed revealed that he did not want to film his confrontation with Hannah and preferred to hash it out with the leading lady in private, but The Bachelorette producers insisted. 

Jed shared, “The show absolutely insisted that, you know, I hash it out with [Hannah] in person and this and that, and give it to the public so that they can come at me and totally just roast me.”

Jed isn’t the first to claim that the producers set him up to be torn apart by Bachelor Nation. 

After The Bachelorette finale, Jed experienced some serious backlash. While Jed initially found humor in the hate he was receiving and dismissed it because most of the critics didn’t know him personally, the hate eventually got to him. 

Jed shared that he tried to avoid the hate but he eventually got caught up in it, stating,  “I got in the habit of reading some of the things that people were saying. And then got in the habit of feeling like I needed to respond, which I did, [but] I don’t owe anything to anyone. The only [person] that I needed to talk to at the time was Hannah…no one else needed to know anything.” 

Jed Wyatt shares that he needed therapy after The Bachelorette 

During the podcast, Jed revealed that he received loads of hateful DMs “full of people just saying crazy stuff”. Many of the triggering and deeply insensitive comments attacked his music, family, and life. 

The hate and backlash wore on Jed, with Jed admitting, “It led to me kind of going into a very deep hurt that I can’t really — like, not many people [among] my friends, at least, can relate to it.”

Fortunately, Jed’s family supported him but it took him a while to rise above the situation and he wishes he would have sought out therapy since he instead turned to other outlets. 

Jed shared, “I didn’t know what to do. I really should have went and got therapy. I didn’t do that. I did a lot of meditation, did a lot of journaling, ended up doing a lot of drinking and partying. Nothing really helped me until I met [my girlfriend] Ellen [Decker].” 

While Jed appears to have had a nightmarish experience on The Bachelorette, he doesn’t blame Hannah Brown for the backlash and feels the show made it hard for both him and Hannah to listen to their gut. 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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