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Jay Smith confirms split from Kayla O’Brien — Is 90 Day Fiance star back with Ashley Martson?

Jay Smith on 90 Day Fiance
Jay Smith confirmed that he is no longer with Kayla. Pic credit: TLC

Are Jay Smith and Ashley Martson back together? That’s what 90 Day Fiance fans want to know.

Jay recently confirmed that he’s no longer dating Kayla Ann O’Brien. And within the same few days, he was also spotted at the same party as Ashley Martson. Is it all coincidence or is there a bit of rekindling going on?

It was on this thirst trap photo of Jay that he confirmed that he and Kayla are “done.”

In the comments, in the same now-deleted string of replies that Ashley told Larissa to go get some Evian to quench her thirst, another commenter asked Jay what happened to Kayla. His reply to them was a simple “done.”

Now, 90 Day Fiance detectives are starting to put the pieces together and are wondering if Jay and Kayla’s breakup has anything to do with reconciliation with Ashley Martson.

Kayla O’Brien speaks out

After it was learned that Jay Smith and Kayla O’Brien split, she spoke to Radar Online, explaining why they aren’t together now.

“We were happy, we always had a good time together,” Kayla told Radar. “We didn’t fight, we still acted like best friends.”

However, Kayla did complain that she did more for Jay than he did for her.

“Deep down, I think he is a good person, but he’s just lost,” she continued. “He was just moving on his own motives and I had mine as well. We’re different people, who value different things.”

As for whether Jay and Ashley are back together, Kayla didn’t say for sure. But she was worried about what might happen if they did get back together.

“God help him if he’s messing with Ashley again,” Kayla said. “All I can think of is all the hard work to reverse the damage. There’s a current PFA. If she turns on him again he’s so f**ked. I don’t know why he would put himself in that position… I feel sorry for him.”

Ashley and Jay seen at the same party

Just days before Jay Smith revealed that his relationship with Kayla O’Brien is over, he was spotted at an OK Magazine party in New York City. That wouldn’t be newsworthy except that Ashley Martson was also on hand at the event.

That alone proves nothing, as many reality stars were seen at the party, including stars from Bachelor Nation like Christian Estrada (who is rumored to be dating Ashley) and Tyler C., who has been seen several times now with Gigi Hadid.

When asked about seeing Jay at the party, Ashley explained on Instagram that she just “handles business” but some 90 Day Fiance fans are calling foul on that after reports that she was seen chatting with Jay at the party.

Are Ashley and Jay back together?

So far, neither Ashley or Jay has admitted to any sort of reconciliation. 90 Day Fiance rumors heated back up after Ashley commented on Jay’s post in response to Larissa’s fire emoji comment, calling her thirsty. Beyond that, there’s really no evidence that they are back on.

In fact, 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, who is friendly with Ashley, even came out and said on social media that he asked Ashley if they were messing around and she denied it.

In the comments from a recent Instagram post, Yates wrote, “Of course I asked her and she said they weren’t messing around. Totally being 100 here.”

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