Jay and Allison DeMarcus: Who are the Chrisleys’ friends?

Todd and Julie welcome Jay and Allison to vacation with them on Chrisley Knows Best

Todd Chrisley has friends in high places, including plenty of musicians who live or work in Nashville.

The latest episode of Chrisley Knows Best features one of Todd Chrisley’s best friends — Jay DeMarcus and his wife Allison.

With a vacation in order, the two families decided to get together for some quality time.

You may recognize Jay DeMarcus. He is part of the country band Rascal Flatts. His wife, Allison, has been shown on Chrisley Knows Best in the past as well because she is friends with Julie Chrisley. When all of them get together, things get pretty exciting.

Jay DeMarcus has a lot of experience in the music business and gets on super-well with Todd Chrisley. He has appeared on the show a few times in the past but the vacation episode gives him more screen time.

Allison and Jay DeMarcus have been married since 2004. The two shared a daughter and son together. While they are a bit younger than the Chrisleys, the two families appear to get along really well. A Chrisley and friends episode is long overdue, and putting Jay and Todd together is going to cause plenty of shenanigans.

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