Jason Chambers on Below Deck Down Under: Who is the hot captain fans are drooling over?

Who is Below Deck Down Under Captain Jason Chambers?
Jason has his work cut out for him on Below Deck Down Under Season 1. Pic credit: Peacock

Jason Chambers on Below Deck Down Under is the hot captain that has fans drooling over him.

After weeks of anticipation, the Below Deck Down Under trailer dropped earlier this week. The footage revealed fan-favorite Aesha Scott is the chief stew on the new Below Deck spin-off.

There is so much juicy entertainment in the first look video, including the premiere date of Thursday, March 17 on Peacock. Yes, Below Deck Under is a Peacock original, not a Bravo one.

The one thing, or person rather, that has Below Deck fans talking about Below Deck Down Under is the hunky new captain.

Who is Captain Jason Chambers on Below Deck Down Under?

Captain Jason is the fifth captain to join the Below Deck franchise.

The dark-haired stud puts his best foot forward with guests, even those blatantly flirting with him. However, Captain Jason also doesn’t shy away from toeing the line with his crew members.

According to his Instagram feed, Captain Jason is one proud papa. The captain’s social media feed is filled with photos of his daughter.

One Instagram post reveals Captain Jason is reuniting with his daughter, who lives in the Philippines with her mother.

Captain Jason doesn’t mention a significant other on his Instagram. He does use the #thebeachhouseocamocam a lot in his social media posts.

After doing a little research, the hashtag is in reference to The Beach House at Ocam Ocam, which is “a gorgeous boutique stay, island style.” The paradise boutique is owned by Fuchsia Quinn, who appears to be the mother of Captain Jason’s little girl.

Traveling, yachting, and his daughter seem to be the things Captain Jason loves the most. The captain’s Instagram bio reads, “Father and Captain, just explore and It’s more fun in the Philippines.”

Other than those little tidbits, Captain Jason remains a mystery that Below Deck Down Under fans will learn more about once he makes his reality TV debut.

Below Deck Down Under fans are drooling over Captain Jason

Captain Jason and his good looks have Below Deck fans literally drooling. Social media is abuzz about the smoking hot captain joining the Below Deck family.

Several comments on his Instagram post announcing he is helming Below Deck Down Under focus on his smoking hotness.

Below Deck Down Under fans gush over Captain Jason.
Pic credit: @captainjchambers/Instagram

One of Jason’s followers declared he is the only reason to tune into the new Below Deck spin-off, while others are ready for the upcoming season.

Captain Jason has Below Deck fans attention.
Pic credit: @captainjchambers/Instagram

Captain Jason Chambers from Below Deck Down Under is already making waves, and Season 1 isn’t even on airwaves yet. There’s undoubtedly more to the captain than his looks, but it is the one thing fans are talking about until the new season premieres.

Below Deck Down Under premieres on Thursday, March 17 on Peacock.

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