Jason Carrion from Married at First Sight Season 1 is expecting his first child with wife Roxanne Pallett

Jason Carrion wears a suit and tie on his wedding day
Jason Carrion get married at first sight on MAFS Season 1. Pic credit: FYI

Jason Carrion, one of the very first people to partake in the Married at First Sight experiment, will soon be a father. The firefighter and his wife Roxanne recently revealed their excitement about welcoming their first child. 

After getting divorced from his MAFS wife, Cortney Hendrix, Jason fell in love with UK actress Roxanne Pallett and the two married in a secret ceremony after only 6 months of dating. 

Both had come off the heels of break-ups when they met, with Roxanne breaking off an engagement and Jason and Cortney divorcing in 2019, just ten months before Jason got engaged to Roxanne. 

Jason and Cortney’s divorce, while seemingly amicable, was one of the most surprising and sad for viewers to learn about, considering the pair had stolen the hearts of the MAFS audience. 

While on the show, the two were beloved for their playful sense of humor and commitment to the process. Jason and Cortney had immediate and natural chemistry, and their marriage lasted quite some time before going their separate ways and marrying other people.

Who is Roxanne Pallett?

Roxanne Pallett is a British actress most known for her role on the British soap opera Emmerdale. The ongoing series began in the 70s and has continued for 27 seasons. 

Roxanne Pallett sits on a couch in a soft pink hoodie
Roxanne Pallett doesn’t enjoy being roasted on Celebrity Big Brother (UK). Pic credit: Channel 5

Roxanne also is famous for being at the center of a major controversy during her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother (UK) in 2018. While on the show, she accused fellow contestant Ryan Thomas of punching her only to later apologize and allegedly admit it was a false claim. 

The backlash and overwhelming amount of complaints Roxanne and the show received took a toll on the actress, who claimed she was “the most hated girl in Britain”. But it was her relationship with her “dream man” Jason that helped her find love and happiness again.

Jason Carrion brought joy back into Roxanne’s life

Upon marrying Jason, Roxanne stated, “I’m living proof that you can find a happily ever after beyond tough times. To walk down the aisle in such a perfect fairytale setting towards my dream man, was the happiest moment of my life” 

Now the couple will soon be parents and couldn’t be more grateful to expand their family. Speaking with The Mirror, Roxanne recently shared her thoughts on this new life chapter, saying, “I now know what happy ever after feels like. To have such a beautiful life here and be blessed with the most incredible husband and our little baba on the way…my mum’s already knitting for England.”

Roxanne also shared that Jason has been very supportive, stating, “My husband is driving round at all hours getting me pizza and cookies. We’re in a bubble of excitement.”

It’s clear that while these two lovebird’s time on reality television didn’t pan out, the happy couple managed to still find love amongst each other.  

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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