Jana Duggar settles endangering the welfare of a minor charge outside of court

Jana Duggar on Counting On.
Jana Duggar settled her legal issues outside of court. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar won’t be showing up to court this month on the endangering the welfare of a minor charge.

The Counting On star was cited for an incident when she was babysitting in September, and a child slipped out of the home and was found by a passerby.

News of her legal issue broke just one day after her older brother, Josh Duggar, was found guilty of possessing and receiving child pornography.

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Jana Duggar settles charge outside of court

According to Fox News, Jana Duggar’s charge for endangering the welfare of a minor has been adjudicated.

Since the case has been settled outside of court, details about what happened likely won’t be revealed. Jana reportedly has to pay a fine, which appears to be the end of her legal trouble with this case.

Details about the incident were never made public. It was only known that Jana was charged with endangering the welfare of a minor, but the minor’s identity was kept under wraps because of their age.

The reality TV star was set to appear in court this month after pleading not guilty to the charge initially.

Jana Duggar and family kept charge out of media for months

Jana and her family kept the incident under wraps for nearly three months before it was made public.

It blew up when it was found out, which caused several of her siblings to speak out on her behalf. Jessa Duggar snapped at critics, insisting they return to their “perfect” lives and stop worrying about Jana. Jason and James Duggar also spoke out on behalf of their older sister with a photo that said, “I support Jana Duggar.”

Amy Duggar King alluded to the incident in more detail on her Instagram story, drawing even more attention to Jana and the Duggars.

After a few days of stories circulating and speculation happening, Jana Duggar finally spoke out. She revealed what happened was an accident, confirmed she was never arrested because of the incident and wanted the rumors to be squashed.

Interestingly, her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar never spoke out about what Jana was facing, but they did when Josh’s legal and moral issues were made public.

With the case closed and Jana Duggar not appearing in court this month, she can move on with her life and look forward to celebrating her 32nd birthday next week.

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