Jana Duggar in Las Vegas: Why was the Counting On star there with Laura DeMasie?

Jana Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jana Duggar spent time in Las Vegas. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar has been traveling a lot in recent months and this time, she landed in Las Vegas. The Counting On star has a knack for design and that is why she was in Nevada this past week.

On Instagram, Jana Duggar shared a photo of Las Vegas and another of herself in front of a building. Her caption revealed she was in town for the Home and Gift Market that was being hosted there. Of course, her bestie Laura DeMasie was in tow.

Will Jana Duggar branch out on her own?

There has been speculation that Jana Duggar wants her own career for years now. She has shown off her design skills time and time again by doing makeovers, decorating her siblings’ homes, and even putting together pieces to make events come together.

With her knack for home design and all other things domestic, viewers have been pushing Jana Duggar to make a living out of it. Last year, she registered an LLC under her name, presumably for a business venture. While nothing has come of it yet, there is a possibility that more could be coming in the future.

Laura DeMasie and Jana Duggar travel together a lot

Over the last few years, Jana Duggar and Laura DeMasie have spent a lot of time together. This has sparked rumors of a possible relationship between the two, something both have denied countless times.

The friends share a lot of common interests and Laura DeMasie and Jana Duggar are often seen helping with Duggar weddings and events. Their creative talents combine often produce masterpieces.

Las Vegas isn’t the only place they have traveled together. Laura and Jana have been spotted in Texas and other places, checking out what the country has to offer. From markets to events, these two are enjoying life together as each waits for their next season of life.

Seeing Jana Duggar get out there are do things away from her family has given many followers a sigh of relief. It has long been assumed that she was the caretaker of the family and didn’t get time to herself. Jana has shared a lot of her adventures on social media, proving that she isn’t always tied down on the Duggar compound.

What this trip to Las Vegas means for Jana Duggar remains to be seen, but it might be the first step toward building a business and having products that the general public would love to buy.

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