Jamie Skaar is still the villain after attempt to defend himself on The Bachelorette Men Tell All

Jamie Skaar on Men Tell All
The Bachelorette contestant Jamie Skaar continues to prove why he’s the main villain from Michelle Young’s season during the Men Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette had a handful of villains but after last night’s Men Tell All episode, viewers agree that Jamie Skaar takes the cake.

Peter Izzo dropped a subpoena for defamation of character on Will Urena. Martin Gelbpsan was exposed for having a girlfriend prior to coming on The Bachelorette.

However, Jamie proved himself to be the most villainous when he showed no regret for his actions on the show.

Jamie Skaar refused to apologize for his actions on The Bachelorette

Jamie received his own special entrance, which he was sure to milk by blowing a kiss as he joined the rest of the men.

Viewers were not impressed with his ego-filled interest but did a kick out of the fact that no one in the audience cheered and his entrance was accompanied by complete silence.

Then clips played of some of his most cringe moments from him getting caught making up and spreading a rumor about Michelle to him putting down Michelle and the other men when he thought he wasn’t being recorded.

While most men are visibly ashamed as these clips get played back Jamie didn’t seem to be phased.

One viewer tweeted, “Oh Jamie. It’s like he didn’t even see the playback of his actions and words.”

The men weren’t having it either. They attempted to hold him accountable for claiming that she was spotted dating “a light-skinned baller,” who looked like Joe Coleman, ahead of the show.

Jamie had told Michelle that the other men were spreading the rumor and questioning her character. Meanwhile, he was the only one who knew and was talking about this alleged rumor.

Viewers loved watching the men call Jamie out.

“Casey’s ripping Jamie a new one and I am here for it!” One viewer exclaimed.

However, Jamie dodged his fellow contestants’ questions by giving overly complex and nonsensical responses.

One critic wrote, “Jamie still giving cult leader vibes with the inspirational gibberish.”

Another captured the moment when Romeo called Jamie out on his manipulation tactics and added, “No surprise here… Jamie will not be taking any accountability for his actions.”

Michelle Young calls Jamie out on how he treated her

When Michelle Young arrived at the Men Tell All, she was prepared to keep it real.

Even when Jamie attempted to flatter her by saying she was “authentic” and that he felt he could connect with her because they both saw themselves as “coaches,” Michelle forced him to truly think about what he was saying.

She stated that coaches should be wanting to lift others up, and that wasn’t the behavior she saw from him on the show.

“As I watch back and I see those things that you have said on-camera about me going through a ‘spring break mode,’ you expressed that the men in the house were below you,” she said.

“And so, I don’t understand how you can be so comfortable or quick to express and preach positivity when that’s not what you’re showcasing 100 percent of the time. And that’s where I have a problem is because I’m not seeing any responsibility,” Michelle added.

“That’s not even accurate though,” he rebutted. “It was literally that one clip.” 

Well, one clip was enough to prove that Jamie is capable of talking about people in that manner and Michelle reminded him, “words do matter.”

He eventually apologized, but viewers felt like it was too little too late.

One tweeted, “The way it took all of that having to be said for Jamie to apologize…”

It’s safe to say that Jamie remains the reigning villain of The Bachelorette Season 18.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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