Rest in Pizza: Peter has Will ‘served’ for serving up some bad pizza reviews and The Bachelorette fans lose it

Peter Izzo and Will Urena film for The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette Men Tell All episode featured a wild feud between Peter and Will involving pizza and lawsuits. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette Men Tell All has been piping hot — both with drama and pizza.

Michelle Young’s contestants did not disappoint when it came to petty drama. One of the most infamous feuds on the show happened between Peter “Pizza Boy” Izzo and Will Urena.

During the reunion special, the men relived their drama from Will calling Peter a narcissist to Peter throwing Will’s jacket in the pool. Will and Peter were still fired up at the Men Tell All.

The men accused Peter of constantly talking about his pizza business rather than Michelle.

Will threw one particular zinger that had fans reeling.

“will got him good by telling to go to shark tank to promote his pizza business like you can’t come back from that,” one viewer tweeted.

Peter accuses Will of trying to sabotage his pizza business with bad reviews

However, Peter did, in fact, find a way to come back from that.

Peter accused Will of trying to sabotage his pizza business once filming wrapped. Peter said the day Will slammed and tagged his business on social media, a slew of bad reviews popped up.

Meanwhile, Peter maintained that he had five-star reviews prior. At the same time, Will claimed Peter’s sister slid into his DMs.

Just when it seemed like the social media drama was getting too messy to handle, Kaitlyn and Tayshia swooped in and revealed they had some pizza review receipts.

They read three one-star reviews for his business, and all of the reviews seemed to relate to the Bachelorette drama.

One review read, “Pizza was late and overcooked, I actually disputed the charge with my bank because it was so bad. Also the owner is a cowardly child.”

Without saying as much, Will essentially admitted he was behind the reviews.

Some of the viewers found the whole ordeal extremely amusing.

One fan tweeted, “I’m living for @kaitlynbristowe reading these pizza reviews…”


Others thought that Will stooped too low by coming for Peter’s real-life business.

“I never liked Peter but trying to destroy his reputation in the pizza business is uncalled for,” one critic stated, also chastizing the hosts for partaking.

Another wrote, “This is so horrible. I’m disgusted that the show is taking a hit at his business and his livelihood. I’m so upset. I hope his pizza business is doing okay.”

Peter slams Will with a ‘lawsuit’ during Men Tell All

Peter had the last word and he used it to do something viewers weren’t expecting.

Peter had his lawyer stride on stage and literally hand Will a subpoena for defamation of character. It’s still not clear if those papers were real but a as he was being served, Peter said, “It’s a little taste of what’s going to happen in real life.”

“Peter sucks but the lawsuit being served on stage is actually hilarious,” one viewer said of the moment.

Peter’s last words to Will were quite memorable and had fans cackling.

“and then he said, ‘rest in pizza,'” one viewer wrote. Yes. Peter told Will, “Rest in pizza.”

Another mused, “Peter did not just have Will served on TV and tried to drop the mic with ‘Rest in pizza.'”

All in all, the Peter and Will drama provided for a dramatic start to the Men Tell All.


Believe it or not, the two ended up mending their relationship at the end of the episode. Peter handed out free pizza from his business. Will admitted the pizza was better than the one he tried on the show. Peter then offered to bury the hatchet and they shook on it.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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