Michelle Young responds after Jamie Skaar’s ‘spring break’ jab

Michelle Young looks to the right
Michelle Young humorously reacts after being dissed by Jamie Skaar. Pic credit: ABC

Michelle Young is serious about finding true love and she has not hesitated to send home men that break her trust or exhibit red flags. 

Jamie Skaar committed both offenses after he fabricated a story about the men in the house questioning Michelle’s character when he seemed to be the only one criticizing Michelle’s character and integrity. 

Footage caught Jamie Skaar taking jabs at the men in the house as well as Michelle, and Michelle took to Twitter to respond to Jamie’s insults. 

Michelle Young says she loves spring break and explains why 

After receiving the first one-on-one date, Jamie Skaar seemed convinced that he was the ultimate frontrunner and better than the rest of the men in the house. 

During the poetry-inspired group date, Jamie decided against reading a poem and instead told a story that left everyone confused. He later became upset when he didn’t receive the coveted rose at the end of the night. 

While seemingly speaking to a producer, Jamie pridefully expressed feeling as though none of the men were on his level and that the men were not the best in the country as advertised. 

Jamie also proceeded to critique Michelle and suggest that she was immaturely treating this experience like spring break rather than a serious attempt at love. 

Michelle saw Jamie’s disparaging comments during the episode and tweeted her thoughts. 

Michelle Young kept it short and sweet by writing, “What can I say…teachers truly do love Spring Break.”

Michelle is a proud teacher so she embraced Jamie’s jab and even explained why she loves spring break through her hashtags. 

Some of Michelle’s favorite aspects about spring break included not having to grade papers, getting to take naps, and being able to pee when she wants to. 

Michelle Young's tweet
Michelle Young expresses her love for spring break. Pic credit: @michelleyoung/Twitter

Jamie Skaar gets sent home after being exposed 

Previously, Jamie chose to stay under the radar as the men in the house attempted to discover who had upset Michelle with information that her character was in question. 

However, this week Michelle revealed that Jamie was the culprit behind the drama which quickly led to a confrontation between Jamie and the men, with Jamie unsuccessfully trying to backtrack and weasel his way out of the hot seat. 

Once Jamie got exposed, Michelle was quick to send him home before the rose ceremony, after addressing his disappointing behavior in front of all the men.

Jamie has since spoken out about his time on the show and he appears to now want to keep it classy after being eliminated. 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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