Jamie Otis shares update on her RV road trip, admits it ‘hasn’t been smooth sailing’

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner sit on a rock with their children
Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have been on a cross-country road trip in an RV with their children. Pic credit: @jamienotis/Instagram

Jamie Otis gave her over 800,000 Instagram followers an update on how RV life is going with her family, and the Married at First Sight star said things haven’t been “smooth sailing.” Though, when two kids are in the mix, it never is, especially while traveling!

Jamie, who met her husband Doug Hehner on Married at First during season 1, shared a reel on Instagram of the family in front of a waterfall with the kids in a box.

She wrote on the video, “From the mountains of Georgia,” later sharing a second video with the family popping out of the box in front of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

In the caption, she wrote the family “traveled 1,119 miles – through 7 states – over the last THREE weeks.”

Of course, it wasn’t without some of the pain many are feeling with prices going up, though she took an optimistic view, writing, “the memories we’re making are 100000% worth these gas prices!”

Jamie told followers she and her husband have no idea what they’re doing

She continued in the caption, “If you’ve been following along on my stories then you knooowwwwww it hasn’t been smooth sailing.I mean, in our defense, we literally have no idea what we are doing.”

She claimed the family is “traveling over 7,000 miles and 21 states” during the trip, with their next stop being Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Jamie and her family have now arrived in Hot Springs, Arkansas

That was all just 2 days ago, and the family have now arrived in Arkansas, and posted a hilarious video of them trying to get a family picture.

Every parent will know how hard it is to get kids to pose in front of the camera, and Jamie and Doug’s were clearly not into it.

The pair were seen in the video trying to step around the water and tripping frequently while swinging their kids back and forth.

In her original caption, she let followers in on the trick she and Doug use to get a good picture, writing, “We prop the phone up and let the video run then screenshot the best shot – it isn’t the best quality but heyyyyy, you’ll get it!”

She concluded in the caption that it’s pretty difficult to get those happy, family vacation pics, writing, “Trying to get a good fam pic where everyone is looking and smiling is like trying to win the lottery. I still think it turned out pretty good though!”

Jamie responded to a DM calling her out on her body image

However, it wasn’t the hilarious video that seemed to draw most of the attention, but Jamie’s body.

The Married at First Sight star has been super open about her body image on Instagram after having children, though it hasn’t stopped the haters from calling her out sometimes.

She later edited the caption, writing, “EDIT:I didn’t wanna “go there” w this on here but since someone DM’d me to “call me out”- no, I wasn’t 100% “body confident” here. And yes, I have been struggling a bit with my image. I’m not ashamed to say that publicly. I mean, if you grow up hearing skinny is pretty the minute you gain weight you feel less beautiful.”

It appears some of her fans expect the reality star to talk about her body image every time she is in a bikini, and Jamie felt the need to address it.

The family will be back on the road tomorrow, with Jamie writing they are heading west. We’ll have to wait and see where they end up!

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