Isaiah Harmison defends himself from Love Island USA controversy

Isaiah Harmison leaving Love Island USA
Isaiah Harmison leaving Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

When Isaiah Harmison was on Love Island USA, he caught the attention of no less than three girls.

However, thanks to the girls sharing information, and Shannon St. Clair playing instigator, he ended up deemed untrustworthy in their eyes.

Isaiah’s sin was repeating the same lines to the three different girls, making him seem fake.

However, Isaiah believes his words were taken the wrong way, and he said he did nothing wrong on Love Island USA.

Isaiah turns Love Island USA fans against him

When Isaiah showed up in the villa, he wanted to meet one person specifically — Aimee Flores.

The fans voted on who went on a date with him, and they chose Cashay Proudfoot. The two hit it off instantly and suddenly Isaiah had a big choice to make.

However, he got a date with Aimee as well and he had a great time with her. He also hit it off with Roxy Ahmad.

Isaiah tried to figure out which one of these three he wanted and quickly narrowed it down to Aimee and Cashay.

However, the girls exchanged notes and realized he used some of the same lines with all three girls.

This caused hard feelings and when he chose Cashay, it didn’t last. Cash met Wes Ogsbury and wanted to get to know him and when Isaiah realized he was being asked to wait to see what she wanted, he looked toward Aimee again.

It didn’t work.

Cashay chose Korey Gandy in the recoupling and Aimee chose Wes over Isaiah, sending him home.

Isaiah explains his actions on Love Island USA

Isaiah spoke to Pop Culture about his exit from Love Island USA and the fans’ opinion of his actions in the villa.

About the elimination, Isaiah said he wasn’t surprised but he also isn’t ashamed of his actions on the show.

“I think that the biggest thing I didn’t want to do was to fake anything just to stay on the show,” Isaiah said. “I didn’t want to be inauthentic by any means.

“I had a lot of good conversations before the recoupling and just let the girls know that … regardless of any decision they made and that they deserve to find love and they deserve to have the best experience they can have possible.”

As for the accusations that he was playing the girls with his comments, he said that was never the intention.

If I do something wrong or if I have a bad intention, I’ll admit to it and I’ll grow from it. But, that wasn’t a moment where I did anything wrong,” Isaiah said. “I was just having a Love Island experience in the sense of really trying to keep my mind open and figure out who I really, really liked.

“I also was trying to open my mind in a sense of not shutting people off and not being so picky just because of my typical type am I able to pass or a personality trait that I like or dislike.”

With that said, he also knows he might have given people the wrong impression of himself.

“I really, really, really care to be in a relationship,” Isaiah said. “You know, I don’t want to force anything. But I care to be in a genuine relationship and I want to love someone. And I think that because of those rumors, it might have skewed people’s perception of me.”

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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