Is Chase Chrisley engaged to Lindsey Merrick?

Chase Chrisley in a scene from Chrisley Knows Best
Chase Chrisley has a new girlfriend. Pic credit: USA network

Chase Chrisley’s love life has been on display for a long time now thanks to him being a part of Chrisley Knows Best.

The young reality star had more screen time last season which helped shed light on his relationship with ex Brooke Noury.

A few weeks ago, Chase Chrisley went public with his new girlfriend, Lindsey Merrick. Their first picture together was shared on September 10 on Instagram, and it looks like the couple are enjoying each other’s company.

Since going public, fans have been wondering how the couple’s relationship is going, and there has even been some talk about whether Chase Chrisley and Lindsey Merrick are engaged.

As of the time of writing, it looks like that is not the case. No public announcement has been made and neither Chase nor Lindsey has posted a photo on social media with a ring on that finger.

One photo looked like the couple was dressed similar to a bride and groom but it was from a wedding they attended.

Another questions fans have been asking is whether or not the couple’s relationship will be shown on Chrisley Knows Best, or on a rumored spin-off Chase and his sister Savannah Chrisley have reportedly been working on.

At this point, the only thing that is confirmed is that Chase and Lindsey Merrick are definitely dating.

Lindsey Merrick looks like a great match for Chase Chrisley. She is beautiful and appears to carry herself with confidence. Flipping through her Instagram photos will show you she has plenty of friends.

It has been six weeks or so since the two went public with their relationship but it is likely they were together prior to actually posting photos on social media.

Chase Chrisley has never been particularly open with his personal life, so at this point what we see on social media or on the show is what we get.

Although Chase Chrisley and Lindsey Merrick look happy together, it does not appear that they are engaged at this point.

Chrisley Knows Best is expected to return to USA sometime this fall.

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