Is Big Brother: After Dark returning this summer?

Smiling Julie Chen Moonves
Julie Chen Moonves will soon help introduce the BB26 cast. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Admedia

Big Brother: After Dark has been missed.

Many fans enjoyed tuning in during the late-night hours to watch BBAD.

But after the Big Brother 21 season, the bonus program went away.

BBAD did not return for Big Brother 22, which featured only returning houseguests.

And in the years that have followed, fans have continuously asked for it to return.

Now, rumors online suggest the producers are ready to bring it back.

What is Big Brother: After Dark?

Big Brother: After Dark was a nightly program that allowed fans to look inside the house outside the regular episodes.

This was in addition to the Big Brother Live Feeds, which fans can subscribe to through Paramount+.

BBAD took continuous footage from the live feeds and turned it into a two or three-hour presentation for television.

For people with cable television who didn’t want to subscribe to the live feeds, BBAD provided a fun experience.

BBAD used to air on Showtime, where the network even allowed nudity and NSFW language as part of the broadcast.

More recently, BBAD aired on Pop TV with a cleaned-up version that still provided Big Brother fans with more content.

Below is a scene from BBAD during the Big Brother 18 season.

Is Big Brother: After Dark coming back?

Twitter user Spoiler Girl 1 says BBAD is returning for the Big Brother 25 season.

She didn’t provide an official source for the information. It also has not been confirmed by anyone at Big Brother.

“They plan to bring back BBAD or what many of you may know as Big Brother After Dark this season. I don’t know if it will remain on POP TV or if they will move it to another network like CBS,” Spoiler Girl wrote on Twitter.

Even if it returns, it is unlikely that BBAD will air on CBS. The network has other commitments, including its nightly news programs. But if the Writers Strike continues and the late-night shows remain off the air, maybe BBAD could take over.

More news from Big Brother 25

The new season of Big Brother got delayed at CBS, but it is still ready to debut this summer.

It’s also going to be a few more weeks until the release date for the BB25 cast arrives.

In revelations about former BB players, Corey Brooks from BB20 just married.

And Jessica Graf from BB19 is having another baby.

There is also a new season of The Challenge: USA ready to debut this summer, and nine BB alums are playing the game.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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