Is Amber from Teen Mom OG pregnant again? Here’s the latest

Amber Portwood on Teen Mom OG
Amber Portwood reveals she suffered a miscarriage on Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: MTV

Amber Portwood has been a reality star for nearly a decade now within the Teen Mom franchise. Her life hasn’t been easy, especially with her addiction battles and mental illness. Portwood has let the cameras in and tried to help other girls out there by sharing her story.

Back in May, Amber welcomed her second child, James. She met his dad while filming Marriage Boot Camp with her ex-boyfriend, Matt Baier. Andrew Glennon was someone she connected with and early on in their relationship, she fell pregnant.

Teen Mom OG is filmed months in advance so everything that is being shown in the latest episodes happened months ago. Last night, Amber Portwood opened up about suffering a miscarriage. This was discussed because Gary Shirley’s wife Kristina revealed they recently lost a baby.

The pregnancy Amber Portwood lost was a while back. It happened when she was still involved with Matt Baier. She felt like she could relate to Kristina and had hoped to help her through the devastating loss.

The revelation of the miscarriage left some viewers questioning whether Amber might be pregnant again. Currently, she is not believed to be expecting another child.

James is now six months old and she and Andrew Glennon appear to be enjoying their family without the added pressures of another baby.

However, last night Amber indicated that the pressure of the show was perhaps becoming too much, posting two tweets, one saying “I can’t do this anymore” and another saying “I have to quit this show”.

Nothing is set in stone but with everything Portwood has going on, it wouldn’t be shocking to learn if she opted out of a return in the future.

Teen Mom OG airs Monday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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