Irene Suttner of MTV’S The Real World: Los Angeles teases reunion with her Season 2 cast mates

Irene Suttner of Real World season 2
Irene Suttner, nee Berrera, of The Real World: Los Angeles. Pic credit: MTV

Old school fans of the MTV franchise, The Real World, will remember Irene from season two as the small but fearless female cop.

Irene hinted at a possible Real World: Los Angeles reunion with a post to her Instagram account on Tuesday.

Her post read, “The original cast of The Real World has reunited and will stream on Paramount+ which is CBS All Access right now. I am looking forward to reuniting with my roommates soon!  #reunited#reunion#realworldmtv#realworld#la#stopbeingreal#truestory?#stillfriends#paramount#cbsallaccess#bethsrealworld#wherearetheynow.”

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Paramount+ is already reviving season one of The Real World next month

She shared the news that Paramount + will be reviving the first season of The Real World next month.

Irene got viewers excited with her statement about looking forward to reuniting with her roommates.

Now that OG Real World fans know season one is slated for a reboot, many fans of the show are wondering if other seasons are in the works to do the same.

Irene replied to one fan’s comment, “thanks, looking forward to a reunion for sure!”

Irene Suttner nee Berrera from Real World Season 2 on Instagram
Irene responds to fans on her Instagram post. Pic credit: @irenesrealworld/Instagram

Fans of the original Real World series that aired in 1993 will remember Irene as the female deputy sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department who left the house to get married to her now ex-husband, Tim, who was also a deputy. Irene was dubbed the “mom” of the house for her mature, caretaking nature.

Irene shared a sprawling Venice Beach house one block from the beach with six other roommates: Aaron Behle, Beth Stolarczyk, David Edwards, Dominic Griffin, Jon Brennan, and Tami Roman. Irene was replaced by two housemates, Glen Naessens and Beth Anthony, when she voluntarily left to get married.

Irene and Tim’s wedding was the subject of episode 11.

Following season one’s style, cameras followed the roommates for four months, capturing every detail of their daily lives and interpersonal relationships.

In response to another fan’s comment, Irene said, “we need to make sure the producers know that people want more seasons!” And she isn’t the only one hoping to bring the original cast members back to TV.

On Twitter, a page called WeWantOGs was created by fellow MTV reality tv star, Mark Long, who was a castmate on the original season of Road Rules.

The page supports the movement to televise “OG’s” from original reality TV shows on MTV, like Real World, Road Rules, and The Challenge.

There is a lot of talk about reprising the original castmates from MTV’s Real World franchise. Fans of the OG cast members will have to wait and see.

Viewers can now watch The Real World on the streaming service, CBS All Access, which will become Paramount + on March 4.

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