Here’s who gained the most followers from The Bachelor Season 26 cast

The Bachelor Season 26 cast
The Bachelor Season 26 cast gained thousands of followers at the end of the season. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Season 26 has officially come to an end with lead Clayton Echard finding love with Susie Evans. 

While Susie was the only one to walk away from the show with a boyfriend, several cast members from the season walked away with a significant increase in social media followers. 

Here are the most followed members from The Bachelor Season 26, including the fan-favorite who landed the highest follower count. 

Clayton Echard’s following is surpassed by two women 

Despite being the lead, Clayton’s Instagram following was significantly lower than most other Bachelor leads. 

Former leads such as Peter Weber, Colton Underwood, Nick Viall, and Ben Higgins all have over one million followers, but Clayton ended his season with 273k followers. 

With Clayton Echard’s following count, he’s the third most followed person from his season.

Two women from Clayton’s season surpassed him, including his current girlfriend, Susie Evans.

Susie Evans is the second most followed person from The Bachelor Season 26 with 336k followers. 

Gabby Windey gained the most followers 

Gabby Windey became the breakout star from The Bachelor Season 26, with fans especially loving the way she told Clayton off when he attempted to dump her and Rachel Recchia at the same time. 

Becoming a clear fan-favorite, Gabby gained thousands of online supporters and currently boasts the most of the entire cast at 363k followers. 

Fans will get to see even more of Gabby as she was announced to be one of the two leads on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette, and her following count will likely grow exponentially when The Bachelorette returns in July.

Rachel Recchia and Genevieve Parisi round out the top 5 

Gabby Windey is the most followed The Bachelor Season 26 cast member, with Susie in second and Clayton in third.

Rechel Recchia came in fourth with 268k followers. It’s likely her following will also grow even more when she joins Gabby Windey as one of the leads on The Bachelorette Season 19.

Genevieve Parisi came in fifth with 108k followers. 

Interestingly, Serene Russell is the ninth most followed cast member despite making Clayton Echard’s final four. 

Serene’s following count became a topic of discussion as viewers, and Bachelor Nation star Tammy Ly called out the franchise’s treatment of Serene. 

The current top 10 most followed The Bachelor Season 26 stars are listed below: 

  1. Gabby Windey – 363k followers 
  2. Susie Evans – 336k followers 
  3. Clayton Echard – 273k followers 
  4. Rachel Recchia – 268k followers
  5. Genevieve Parisi – 108k followers 
  6. Teddi Wright – 74.5k followers 
  7. Elizabeth Corrigan – 60.6k followers 
  8. Sarah Hamrick – 57k followers 
  9. Serene Russell – 46.9k followers 
  10. Shanae Ankney – 26k followers 

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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