Hannah tells Malia to strip as night out get steamy on Below Deck Mediterranean

Malia reacts as Hannah tells her to strip now on Below Deck
Malia reacts as Hannah tells her to strip now on Below Deck Mediterranean

This week on Below Deck Mediterranean, when the crew let their hair down they like to party but when it comes to romance some also like to cut the grass of their crew mates.

Hannah Ferrier tells Malia White that when she walked onboard her head was turned and that she looks adorable. She also tells her that she’s look out for her during her time on the Sirocco.

However, Bobby Giancola says he gets nervous when Hannah is around girls he likes as she has a tendency to weasel in. He also remember the time in New York that Hannah told Lauren to stay away from him for no reason.

Later as Hannah and Malia head home, their talk gets to being seen naked and the temperature rises quickly when Hannah tells Malia to strip now.

Also on this episode, there s trouble with the anchor as Bobby struggles with maths and they let out the chain so far they are down to the cable. If it snaps then it’s over for that charter, so they need to get it sorted quickly and carefully.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9:00 PM on BRAVO.

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