Hannah Godwin reveals why she signed up for The Bachelor

Hannah Godwin
Hannah Godwin talks signing up for The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation legend Hannah Godwin almost didn’t sign up for the show but revealed this week what convinced her to give it a shot at the last minute.

Hannah got real about why she signed up for The Bachelor and what viewers don’t know about reality TV in an Instagram Q&A. The star didn’t hold back as she also talked about mental health, her secret talent, and how she ended up on the show for the first time.

Despite eventually finding her fiancé, Dylan Barbour, on Bachelor in Paradise, Hannah revealed that her first foray into the franchise actually started out as a joke.

Hannah Godwin explains why she signed up for The Bachelor

While on a plane to the east coast, Hannah opened up her Instagram story to answer fan questions about herself and her life.

Viewers immediately begged for more information about the show, starting off hard with a question about why Hannah signed up for the show.

“I became single when I was in LA,” Hannah told fans as she lounged in a bathrobe. “My roommates would all joke, they were like, ‘Hannah, you should totally go on The Bachelor.’ I was like, ‘No way,’ and then all of sudden I was like, ‘Wait, that could be kinda fun.’”

Hannah Godwin
Pic credit: @hannahg11/Instagram

The Bachelor alum added in her caption that the opportunity to travel and have an adventure also played a role in her decision to go for it.

Another Bachelor Nation question gave Hannah the chance to reveal a little-known fact about reality TV. Hannah opted for a “random” fun fact as she told followers that it was someone’s job on set to remove every single label from the food in the house.

Hannah Godwin
Pic credit: @hannahg11/Instagram

Hannah Godwin talks mental health and secret talents

Hannah also didn’t shy away from mental health as she told fans how she protects her happiness and keeps from comparing herself to others. She explained that she operates by using a “happy radar” to decide what actions will really make her happy, rather than what she thinks she should be doing.

Hannah lightened things back up for one of her final stories where she showed off her moonwalking talent. The reality TV star didn’t take herself too seriously as she danced across the hallways in her bathrobe.

Hannah Godwin
Pic credit: @hannahg11/Instagram

The video didn’t appear to be her personal best as she ended the clip by saying, “I’m embarrassed.”

Hannah has also teased an upcoming vlog about her and Dylan’s trip to Europe to shop wedding venues, so fans can expect more content from the couple soon.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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