Hannah Ferrier and Bugsy Drake trade barbs on Twitter over Below Deck Med tension

Bugys Drake and Hannah Ferrier Below Deck Med feud extends to social media.
There is no love lost between Hannah and Bugsy on Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

Hannah Ferrier and Christine Bugsy Drake traded barbs on Twitter over all the Below Deck Med tension.

Fans know the drama on the Bravo show has reached a boiling point. Chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran’s exit caused Hannah to have a panic attack and is the basis for Malia White, discovering the chief stew has Valium on the yacht.

Social media has been exploding with fans calling out Malia, Captain Sandy, and Bugsy for conspiring against Kiko and Hannah. Fans believe Kiko was destined to fail, so Malia’s boyfriend Tom Checketts could be the chef.

Twitter is also convinced Bugsy was brought in, so Captain Sandy Yawn could finally fire Hannah, leaving the crew run by Malia, Bugsy, and Captain Sandy.

Hannah replies to Bugsy’s tweet

All of the fan conspiracy theories became too much for Bugsy. She took to Twitter to let fans know she is bored with all the hate and backlash. Bugsy made it clear there was no sabotage, sharing that she, Malia, and Captains Sandy are all professionals.

Twitter was not buying what Bugsy was trying to sell. Users wasted no time letting the second stew know that she was full of it.

Fans weren’t the only ones chiming in on Bugsy’s tweet, Hannah added her two cents with the perfect response. Hannah reminded her nemesis Below Deck Mediterranean only films for six weeks. So, there was plenty of time for a good plan to be formed.

Hannah Tweets back at Bugsy.
Pic credit: @HannahFerrier/Twitter

Now it’s Bugsy’s turn

Bugsy didn’t take Hannah’s response or insinuation that there was a master plan lying down. She replied to her costar’s tweet with brutal honesty and a claim there was ill-intention on Bugsy’s part.

“@hannahferrier, you know I had no ill intentions towards you. I jumped in with hopes to help out start over with you, and I thought we had succeeded in doing that and got along fine,” Bugsy wrote.

Bugsy has words for Hannah.
Pic credit: @BugsyDrake/Twitter

While Hannah didn’t continue a war of words on Twitter, fans did. One user compared Bugsy to Ashton Kutcher taking over on Two and a Half Men, horrible.

Fan tweet blasts Bugsy
Pic credit: @DerekJennings/Twitter

Others praised Hannah, making it clear a good portion of Below Deck Med viewers are on her side.

The hit Bravo show is only halfway through Season 5. However, the drama keeps on coming. There is speculation Hannah Ferrier either quits or is fired during the next episode.

If Hannah is done, it will only further prove to fans that Malia White, Captain Sandy Yawn, and Bugsy Drake were in cahoots all along.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

Bugsy will never fill Hannah’s shoes ?. I love Hannah and wish you all the best and congratulations on your new Baby?

Happy 2
Happy 2
2 years ago

Sandy has been out to get Hannah for a while. Every single episode with bugsy, sandy foams at the mouth gushing over her and her table settings. Sandy is so transparent about malia, bugs and will love everything about malias chef.