Hannah Brown says she wasn’t trying to be hurtful to Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron in her book

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown talks about her book. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Brown caught the attention of Bachelor Nation fans since she was first on The Bachelor when Colton Underwood was the leading man.

While she didn’t find love on The Bachelor, she went on to act as The Bachelorette, where she had thought she found love with Jed Wyatt. However, when she found out he was after fame and not love, she asked out her runner-up, Tyler Cameron.

Hannah also had no problems revealing intimate details on and after her season, explicitly telling the world about their windmill experience.

While Tyler ended up dating Gigi Hadid and other celebrities after that, Hannah has seemed to find love with her current boyfriend, Adam Woolard.

Hannah Brown’s memoir and new release was not meant to hurt the feelings of anyone

Hannah wrote a memoir called God Bless This Mess. She has now written a second one that will be released this month, titled God Bless This Messy Journal, which focuses on the response to her first book.

While Hannah talked about Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron in the first memoir, she has announced that they probably didn’t even read it. She also stated, “I honestly can’t remember what their reactions were. It’s been so long.”

She went on to state on the Us Weekly podcast, Here for the Right Reasons, “I think it’s hard when it’s just taking little excerpts out or, like, the big moments that I’m sure if they haven’t read the book would, maybe, be upsetting, but it really wasn’t about that at all. It was about the journey of me processing everything that happened and my role in it and how I can be better moving forward.”

Hannah also declared, “It was not intended to be personal or hurtful. I respect how they’ve all moved forward, and I’m gonna continue doing that too.”

What are Hannah’s two books about?

When talking about the success of her first book, Hannah discussed how grateful she was for all of the love and support she received. She wanted people to see the experience she went through.

Hannah stated that it was about taking ownership of everything that has happened and taking a step back to reflect, learn from everything that she went through, and then grow from those opportunities and obstacles.

She also revealed that she had her therapist help with writing her newest book that is coming out because she has found that journaling has helped her tremendously. She hopes that her fans will join her in the journaling process by releasing this second book. Click here to listen to the full podcast Here for the Right Reasons with Hannah.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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