Hannah B and Luke P from The Bachelorette: Twitter reacts to the biggest WTF moment

Hannah B
Hannah B’s Episode 2 had a big WTF moment. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Brown has plenty of suitors who want to win her attention and ultimately her heart, so it’s all about standing out on this season of The Bachelorette.

One contestant took that seriously during tonight’s Episode 2, as Luke Parker decided to share his feelings during a talent show. While the other contestants showed off some serious talent, Luke simply decided to share his feelings.

In front of Hannah, a panel of judges, and the entire group of guys on the group date, Luke told Hannah that he was falling in love with her. He then proceeded to go kiss her, which angered a few of the guys.

Needless to say, his actions were rather shocking. While Hannah wanted the guys to share their feelings, she didn’t expect Luke to spill his feelings so quickly and in front of everyone.

Surprisingly, Nick Viall, a former Bachelor star, weighed in on the scene, clearly mocking his talents. He noted that he isn’t surprised that Luke feels that his talent is telling women what they wanted to hear.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to react to Luke’s sudden confession. Here are the best reactions to the episode’s biggest WTF moment.

Not a favorite during Episode 2

It’s great when guys share their feelings, especially because it helps Hannah figure out how the guys are feeling about their developing relationships. However, telling Hannah that he’s falling in love with her during Episode 2 didn’t exactly impress viewers.

One Twitter account even noted that Luke was a hated person.

Rushing too much

There was a general agreement across Twitter that Luke is simply trying to rush things to get ahead of the game. While it may have worked with some people, his words and actions didn’t fool Twitter users watching The Bachelorette.

In fact, him professing his love so quickly is making some viewers feel uncomfortable to the point where they don’t feel that Luke’s feelings are truly genuine.

Major red flags

When Hannah talked to Luke after his admission, she revealed that Luke confessing that he was falling in love with her after knowing her for just a few days was enough to raise red flags for her.

And it wasn’t just her who saw red flags all over.

Luke’s explanation was that he was developing feelings for her before they even met, revealing that he was falling for her while he was watching The Bachelor.

Hannah decided to keep him around even though she now has a few red flags circulating in her head when he starts sharing his feelings.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.