Gwendlyn Brown calls Kody Brown ‘dehumanizing,’ says Robyn Brown ‘does what Kody wants’ just to ‘survive’

Gwendlyn Brown YouTube
Gwendlyn continues to speak out about her dad, Kody Brown. Pic credit: @gwendlyn/YouTube

According to Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown, Robyn Brown went into survival mode for her and her children’s sake by listening to whatever Kody Brown told her.

Gwendlyn has been offering her take on previous Sister Wives episodes lately and answering fan questions about her famous family.

Gwendlyn uploaded her latest video on her YouTube channel on April 7 and delved into some hard-hitting questions from her subscribers.

One such question referred to Kody’s statement about Gwendly’s mom, Christine Brown, and another of his ex-wives, Janelle Brown, acting like panting dogs.

During Season 17 of Sister Wives, Kody talked about Christine and Janelle wanting to join his polygamous family. Kody claimed that part of the deal would allow him to be the patriarch.

Kody imitated their responses, raising his hands and mimicking them, saying, “Yeah, yeah, me! Pick me, pick me!”

Gwendlyn’s subscriber brought up the scene in their question, asking her for her reaction to her dad’s behavior.

Gwendlyn looked shocked as she told her listeners that Kody’s actions were “so weird.” She called Kody “dehumanizing, horrifying, disgusting, really gross, and dumb.” At one point, she even pretended to vomit while talking about it.

Gwendlyn Brown says Robyn Brown does what Kody Brown ‘wants’ just to ‘survive’

The next question came from a subscriber who wondered how Gwendlyn feels about Kody getting upset when anyone trash-talks Robyn while he does the same about Christine, Janelle, and Meri.

“I just think it’s because Robyn is upholding this patriarchy that he seems to think that is happening, and Robyn just, like, listened to him, and — I don’t wanna, like, trash her at all — but like, does what he wants at this point just to make herself and her children survive,” Gwendlyn shared.

Kody Brown strongly insinuates that Robyn is his favorite wife because she defends his character

Kody has made it apparent that he favors his fourth wife, Robyn, whether he’ll come out and admit it or not. Sister Wives viewers will likely remember when Sukanya Krishnan asked him during the Season 17 Tell All whether he had a favorite wife.

Kody danced around the question, telling Sukanya her query was the “the most unfair” question. Instead of admitting that Robyn was his favorite wife, Kody used an example of her behavior.

The father of 18 said that Meri, Janelle, and Christine had all been guilty of “s**t-talking” him but that Robyn would never.

“To my knowledge, Robyn puts up her dukes if you s**t-talk me,” Kody said.

Now that Christine, Janelle, and Meri are out of the picture, there is no more plural marriage. Kody recently told a Sister Wives fan during a Cameo that he and Robyn are now “basically” living as monogamists and said he won’t be adding any more wives to his and Robyn’s union.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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