Gia Giudice made up with uncle Joe Gorga on RHONJ but now, sister Milania is angry

Gia Giudice
Gia Giudice talks about the fight with her uncle on WWHL with Andy Cohen. Pic credit: Bravo

Gia Giudice is all grown up and has her own strong opinions. She butted heads with her uncle, Joe Gorga, on a recent episode of RHONJ, over what she viewed as Joe disrespecting her father, Joe Giudice.

The oldest Giudice daughter and her godfather were able to move on from the intense disagreement, but sister Milania is not ready to forgive and forget.

In a sneak peek for next week, Milania tells her sister that she has no intention of making up with her uncle, who they affectionately call Zio Joe in Italian.

What caused this epic fight between the tight family?

During Season 11, Joe Gorga was shown multiple times making harsh comments about Teresa’s ex-husband, claiming that Joe Giudice was the one who broke up the family with his illegal activities and public badmouthing of Joe Gorga and his family, especially wife and RHONJ cast member Melissa.

Joe Gorga also blamed Joe Giudice for sending both of his deceased parents into an early grave after putting them through so much stress in their final years.

Gia seemingly had enough of hearing her uncle discredit her father, and she went on the attack after a long period of not speaking with Joe Gorga. After a fight at Teresa’s summer kickoff party, Gia and Joe Gorga verbally fought it out and made up that evening, and Gia called a truce with the uncle who she was once so close with.

Milania Giudice isn’t so quick to forgive and forget

In the preview for next week’s episode, Milania tells her mom and sister that she has no intention of letting Zio Joe off the hook.

Gia demands that her sister make up with their uncle, and Milania is not having it, saying “Obviously I’m hurt over what happened. Seeing him scream at you when he was saying things about Dad, I cannot watch that,” referring to Joe Gorga’s past battles with Teresa. She adds, “Then you told me everything that happened. I would have flipped out.”

“Gia and my brother made up,” Teresa points out, to which Gia adds, “We said our piece and everyone was meaning to resolve things. But my main thing was, ‘Do you really want to hold on to this for so long?'” Milania simply responds, “He hasn’t even talked to me.”

“Listen, we all want peace,” Teresa tells her daughter. “He’s your uncle, he’s my only family. You guys gotta just come to a happy medium and let this end, right?”

Milania stands her ground, saying, “You better not force me to do anything. So stop.”

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