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GG Gharachedaghi tells VPR star Lala Kent to ‘stop complaining’ after split with Randall Emmett

Shahs of Sunset star GG and VPR star Lala.
Shahs of Sunset star Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi had plenty to say about Lala Kent’s split from Randall Emmett. Pic credit: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent has received her fair share of criticism since calling off her 3-year engagement to ex-fiance Randall Emmett.

And while much of the online criticism has come from followers and various social media users, recently another bravolebrity made their own feelings known about the situation.

Shahs of Sunset star Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi seemingly stuck up for her buddy Randall Emmett when she insinuated that Lala should have “walked away” and suggested she “stop complaining.”

Shahs of Sunset star GG Gharachedaghi tells VPR star Lala Kent to ‘stop complaining’ about her breakup with Randall Emmett

In a recent interview with Page Six, Lala revealed that she was unable to see the red flags in her relationship with the film producer, and when she finally saw them she ultimately removed herself from the relationship.

However, GG had another take on the scenario and took to the Instagram post comments section to give her thoughts.

“If someone (Randall) is being their authentic-self and it’s all being referred to as ‘red flags,’ why does the person (Lala) wait until they’ve experienced many of these ‘red flags’ before they walk away?” she questioned.

Screenshot of GG's IG comment about Lala and Randall's split.
Pic credit: @PageSix/Instagram

The comment continued, “Just saying… Walk away and stop complaining unless you’re ready to take accountability for choosing to stay after the first ‘red flag’ because all of this press/media s**t ain’t cute when it’s about the father of your child.”

Although the comment received many responses that seemed to agree with her sentiments, others clapped back that she was being insensitive to Lala’s current situation.

“I guess I took it more as. ‘Looking back Now I [see all] these things that are red flags.’ Like When she was in it she didn’t see them till now when reflecting back,” one user responded.

Screenshot of comments defending Lala Kent.
Pic credit: @PageSix/Instagram

Another user wrote, “way to kick someone when they’re down in true GG fashion…anything to stay relevant, I guess. It’s not a good look.”

Screenshot of comments defending Lala Kent.
Pic credit: @PageSix/Instagram

Others called GG out for her unsolicited advice.

“Oh please! Who the hell are YOU to judge anyone? Ur totally classless,” one comment read.

Another simply questioned, “Who are you? [4x laughing emojis].”

Screenshot of comments defending Lala Kent.
Pic credit: @PageSix/Instagram

Lala claims she has ‘proof’ of Randall’s infedelity following their split

During her chat with the outlet, Lala revealed that she has “proof” that Randall had been unfaithful during their relationship.

“I know that he had sent messages that said he never [was], but there’s proof elsewhere,” she said. “Bottom line is, I feel like I was in a relationship that was based on nothing but lies.”

And despite ignoring all the red flags, Lala also revealed that she was thankful to the two young women who were pictured with Randall in the initial rumor pictures that surfaced online.

“I will forever be grateful to those two girls walking across the street with him because they saved me,” she shared. “Those two girls, I wish I knew who they were, because I would start sobbing and tell them, ‘You saved me. Thank you so much!”

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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