Geno Doak admits that Mama June helped him clean up after suicide attempt

Mama June and Geno Doak
Mama June and Geno Doak. Pic credit: WE tv

Mama June Shannon and Geno Doak broke up last year and went their separate ways.

While June has kept in the public eye, with appearances on The Masked Singer and her recent problems with her new boyfriend going to jail, Geno has kept out of the spotlight.

However, Geno did a recent interview where he updated fans on where he is at now in life, including a horrifying account of what he went through in 2021.

Geno Doak attempted suicide in 2021

TMZ caught up with Geno Doak and talked to him about what has been happening since he was last heard from.

It turned out that he went through a tough time in 2021 and actually attempted suicide last September.

Geno said that he took 80 blood pressure pills and chased it down with a liter of Jagermeister.

Geno said he wanted to die by suicide because he had been miserable for too long and felt let down by everything going on in his life. He also said it was the first time that he had attempted suicide.

While this was when he and Mama June broke up, Geno admitted that it was more than that and it had been unrelated issues building up for a long time.

The good news is that a friend was at his house and noticed the empty pill bottle. They called 911 and paramedics showed up and helped save his life.

Mama June helped Geno get cleaned up

Geno said what happened next is what really saved his life.

Mama June came to his house to pick up her belongings and he mentioned the overdose. Mama June recommended him to a rehabilitation center in South Carolina.

Thanks to her suggestion, Geno started the rehab and has been working through the 12 steps in his recovery. He also said he learned a lot more about himself and what it was that led him to the “dark place” that led to the suicide attempt.

While she helped him with his rehab, he said that his relationship with June is non-existent thanks to the 12-step program.

“I’d come to realize that some of the things that were bothering me was related to June,” Geno said. “In my best interests, and to help me with my recovery and my mental state, I completely stopped contacting her at all.”

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), text “STRENGTH” to the Crisis Text Line at 741-741, or go to

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