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Garrison Starr’s Running: Song strikes a chord with Teen Mom 2 fans, but there’s bad news

Garrison Starr
Garrison Starr, seen here in her acoustic video for Shallow Water, was featured on Teen Mom 2 last night. Pic credit: @Garrison Starr/YouTube

UPDATE: Garrison Starr got in touch with Monsters and Critics with a link where you can download and listen to Running. Thanks, Garrison! Follow the link in her tweet below:

Garrison Starr’s music was featured on the latest episode of Teen Mom 2 during the end credits — and struck a chord with fans. The song is called Running, and it was listed on MTV’s soundtrack for the episode.

The bad news for fans, though, is that the song is currently unavailable online. You can find lots of other songs by Garrison Starr on the web and on streaming sites, but not Running.

In fact, MTV’s soundtrack list is the only place where the song is listed.

While Starr does have a YouTube channel, the videos are mostly cover songs and it isn’t updated with music on a regular basis. The last song was a tutorial in December 2018 and, before that, the previous video was over 7 months old.

This left fans of Teen Mom 2 desperate for more details after the song aired on the episode last night.

The song was even promoted on Twitter before the episode aired, but didn’t have a link to it anywhere.

On Starr’s Patreon page, she reveals that after working on her first major label record called 18 Over Me, she wanted to change direction in 2019 and find herself as an artist again. She also makes note of making a new record with her friend, Neilson Hubbard, back in August 2018, but didn’t share the name of the song.

Garrison is definitely more active on Patreon than on YouTube or other social media pages. The content is locked, but she does tease new music, so it’s possible that Running was shared with her Patreon followers and fans.

Starr is a singer, songwriter and record producer, and resides in Los Angeles. She has released 15 studio albums as a solo artist. Interestingly, being featured on television and commercials isn’t new to her. She’s also collaborated with other artists and has written music for films and television.

Starr even worked with Margaret Cho in 2016 on American Myth, where she co-wrote and played the music. The album was later nominated for a Grammy in the comedy category.

On Garrison Starr’s personal website under music, Running isn’t listed on her newest album, What If There Is No Destination, from 2017.

Even though Running isn’t available on iTunes at the moment, Garrison Starr has plenty of other music to explore on iTunes.

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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