Francesca Farago names the three ‘meanest’ castmates from Perfect Match

Francesca Farago IG selfie Feb 2022
Francesca shows off her striking good looks in a selfie. Pic credit: @francescafarago/Instagram

Francesca Farago is spilling the tea on which of her Perfect Match castmates were the “meanest.”

Not every cast member gets along on reality TV shows, and the cast of Perfect Match was no exception.

Francesca dipped her toes in the reality TV pool again on Perfect Match after making her Netflix debut in 2020 on Too Hot to Handle.

The brunette beauty also made a cameo appearance on Love Is Blind: After the Altar alongside her longtime friend, Damian Powers.

Francesca’s actions on Too Hot to Handle may have earned her a villainous reputation, but now, she’s calling out three of her castmates, who she says weren’t very nice on Perfect Match.

In addition to Francesca, viewers were reintroduced to a slew of other reality TV stars on Perfect Match, including Shayne Jansen and Damian Powers from Love Is Blind, Dom Gabriel from The Mole, and Savannah Palacio, Chloe Veitch, and Nick Uhlenhuth from The Circle.

Speaking with Variety, Francesca dished on the friendliness factor of her castmates, and as it turns out, three contestants, in particular, stood out as “mean” to her.

Francesca Farago reveals which of her Perfect Match castmates were ‘mean’

When asked who from the cast of Perfect Match was mean, Francesca answered, “Savannah was mean. Shayne was mean. Nick was mean. Other than that, I feel like everyone else was pretty nice.”

Despite Savannah, Shayne, and Nick’s demeanors clashing with hers, Francesca told the outlet that overall, the vibes in the house were “pretty good,” noting that “everyone was getting along.”

Francesca has made some risky moves so far on Perfect Match

Some may argue that Francesca’s actions on Perfect Match have earned her a mean-girl status. After forming instant chemistry with Dom and pairing as a match, she left him to his own defenses when she decided to give love a try with Damian.

Francesca and Damian had more physical chemistry than she did with Dom, and it looked as though they were on their way as contenders for the title of the most compatible couple.

However, Francesca shook things up again when she made a risky move in the boardroom. When she saw that Abbey was a potential suitor to bring into the house, Francesca decided to explore a relationship with her, leaving Damian, like Dom, on the chopping block.

There are still more episodes of Perfect Match to come this week, so viewers will have to wait to find out whether Abbey lasted longer than Dom or Damian or if Francesca left her to her own defenses as well.

Perfect Match is currently streaming on Netflix, with new episodes dropping on February 28.

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