Was former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham just outed as a high class escort by her own mom?

Farah Abraham
Farrah Abraham is back in the spotlight again. Pic credit: @Image Collect/StarMaxWorldwide

It’s been a while since Farrah Abraham appeared on our television screens on the reality show Teen Mom. Fans might remember that she was fired after choosing her “adult film career” over her MTV career.

Although the show propelled her into stardom, she’s definitely grabbed every opportunity by the horns and has appeared on countless reality television shows.

She’s even dipped her toe (or entire foot at this point) into sex work by appearing in a porn film with adult star James Deen and working as a cam girl.

Speculation has abounded for years that Farrah may also work as a high-class call girl. She has previously bragged about getting offered over $20,000 to spend the night with a man.

She also reportedly frequently flies to Dubai, and a friend of hers once alleged that this was to have sex with men that fly her there for her “services.”

Additionally, Farrah seems to have cash to burn, despite being a D-list celebrity at best. Luxury homes, fabulous vacations, plastic surgery and fancy wheels are all things Farrah seems to enjoy in her life. And some have speculated that this is the only possible way she could be bankrolling it — although she does have plenty of other of sources of income.

While no one has ever confirmed that Farrah is a prostitute, her mother, Deb (aka Debra Danielson), certainly didn’t deny it in a comment to her fan base.

It came after Deb shared a photo of herself and granddaughter Sophia to her social media.

Though it’s now been deleted, someone took the opportunity to ask Deb about Farrah on the sweet photo of her with her granddaughter.

“Honest question: does it make you feel like you failed as a mom knowing Farrah is selling her body in foreign lands for $$?,” a curious fan asked.

Instead of dodging the question, Deb addressed it head-on.

“Not at all. God gave each of us free will. I don’t do anything but what God puts in my heart. Love, empathy, and wisdom are very important in life,” Deb wrote of her daughter, Farrah.

Could that be a confirmation? There is an off chance she’s talking about something else…maybe?

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