Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans denies giving husband David black eye after photo sparks rumors

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans denies she gave husband David a black eye. Pic credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram

Life hasn’t been good to Jenelle Evans Eason recently. The former Teen Mom 2 star has lost custody of all of her children, and has had a few pretty scary phone calls get out that put her husband, David Eason, in the hot seat.

As a cherry on top, the former reality star was booted off of Teen Mom 2 after her husband David became too much of a liability to have on set. Originally, he was fired while Jenelle was allowed to stay on. But Eason threatened MTV and reportedly made it impossible to film, even going so far as not allowing the cameras to film any of the children.

Because of this, MTV ended up letting Jenelle go.

There have been rumors swirling for ages that the pair have had issues with domestic violence. As mentioned above, several scary 911 calls appeared to prove it to be more than a rumor, but Jenelle always has some explanation.

Recently, after posting a photo of her daughter, Ensley and David together (they must have a lot of time without jobs or kids to reminisce on the happier days), fans noticed a mysterious looking blue patch under David’s left eye. Some accused Jenelle of becoming physical with David and giving him the black eye herself.

The former reality star stated, in a now-deleted tweet, that the fans were actually “bullying” David. She’s already addressed that he has vitiligo, a condition which causes skin discoloration. According to Jenelle, the condition also causes what appears to be bruising on the skin in the summer months.

But fans aren’t buying it, and many called her bluff so hard that she deleted the tweet altogether.

Jenelle and David are now in Washington, DC, sans their brood, to help promote and get Jenelle’s makeup line, JE, off the ground. Without that Teen Mom 2 cash, she’s going to need something to keep her afloat.

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